“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


. . . & Chairs - Oh MY!

More chairs.
More blue.
More teal.
More white space.

They just make me happy.
I have no idea why.

They're old chairs - both for children.
Chair # 2 was a high chair in its day,
now missing its arms,
now sitting in the corner of my bedroom,
holding a pillow & a candle in a blue bowl.
Chair #1 sits in the living room.
Usually Maggie's chair,
but I sit in it when drying my hair,
and friends have been known to use it
while watching football
or television politics.

I like to think about all the little ones
who've sat in them in the past.
How much baby food was refused from that high chair,
I wonder,
how much crying,
how much stubbornness on display?
So I left all that texture,
all that energy on display.
The bigger chair?
Oh, I think the children who sat there
were seated at tables,
crayolas in hand,
imagination at work,
paying attention to themselves,
inventing their worlds.

I hope they all came true.


  1. I love those chairs and the sense of history that go with them!
    Good luck and have fun my artist friend!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the Peonies~they are a sight to behold.
    I LoVe your Art! Glad to discover you, I am adding you to my favs!
    xo Cindy

  3. Your big day is here!!!!! So much heart and soul has been poured into the days leading up to this special day...I SO WISH I could go to your show. I wish I could soul travel right to your paintings and sit next to each one as I contemplate the beauty there.

    Wishing you a day of fulfilled dreams and childlike excitement. I will be thinking of you with a smile and a great big hug.

    Cheers to you, my friend.
    It's gonna be wonderful!

  4. Yeah! It's here! I wish I could be there but know that I am with you in spirit! And ditto on what Jaime said!

  5. oh i also echo every word that jaime said so well. i love the idea of soul traveling to see your paintings---

    love the chairs. :)

  6. Chairs and blue, two of my most favourite things.
    All objects should possess the ability to talk, then we'd have stories!

  7. Oh How i do love the blue and white, hope that the show goes well!

  8. Love, love, love these chairs and what you've written about them. I too have a thing for chairs, especially old chairs. Chairs with a history. As you put it, "all that energy on display."

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