“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Blue Sidewalk, Heart Shadow

There were moments to love about this past weekend.

There were the first crepe myrtle blossoms of the year, magenta-purple and white, Saturday morning early, waving to me as I passed them on the side of the road, pointing out their cousins blooming at the tops of trees, dark pink flowers just beginning to awaken. (By this morning, more were up and about, my very favorite baby-pink tree also blossoming.) There was the return of the red dragonflies to their yearly roost atop the orange daylilies next to the creek outside my front door - making sure I knew they were back, they sent a messenger to hover for a moment outside that door, attracting attention to their homecoming, then rushing back off with the others, down fast fast fast into the creek and swooping up suddenly, across the street, flirting with the catawba leaves, around the wisteria vines, back into the creek - hot fun in the summertime, their red/orange wings almost pulsing with their vibrancy. There was the easing of muscles, the joy of knowing I could do nothing, which perversely made me feel like painting, but I restrained, and instead wrote a few lines of debi-poetry, which is really not poetry at all, but words to help me along when I next pick up a brush. There was an impromptu visit yesterday to Joe & Lisa's Howling Wolf Creek home, accompanied by the lovely, lovely Katie, and there was Lisa's apple pie in the oven, and sitting outside in the shade, but really no getting away from the heat & the humidity, surrounded by 3 dogs, plumbago, hydrangeas, roses, a wonderful, wonderful Mexican plant (petunia?) covered with lavender flowers - a perfectly magical plant; the flowers fall off during the day, to be replaced by new ones the next morning. We sat in the ever growing heat, discussing politics, gun rights, art, Billy the Kid, photography & crazy relatives and watched the blossoms drop and skitter in the wind across the lawn, and truly, truly, how wonderful, and the afternoon slipped away, and there was a moment that Katie pronounced perfect, right now, and we decided, she & I, that we need to lease a lake lot - just a small one, enough for a motor home, enough to give us lake access, the heat of the day making us believe anything possible.
anything is


  1. sounds like a perfect weekend.
    do share photos of this magical plant

  2. You know how I feel about shadow shots! This one is perfect!!

  3. Great image - perfectly captured!

  4. nothing more exciting than the first crepe myrtle blooms ...unless it is apple pie visit with friends~

  5. I'd love to see a few lines of Debi-poetry. Just thought I'd ask.

  6. Really? It drops its blossoms every single day and grows new ones by morning?
    I am completely captivated!!! I need to see this plant! I wonder if they would grow this far north? Sounds too exotic for the cooler Canadian climate, but oh, my imagination is soaring with the thoughts of this plant.


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