“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Sorry! :)

To anyone who received an "invite" from me
to become my friend on Facebook,
I apologize.

In a moment of weakness,
after another friend asked me to join & become their friend,
I joined.
It lasted about 5 minutes,
and during those 5 minutes ,
Facebook sent emails to everyone in my address book
asking them to also join.
I am not smart enough for Facebook,
and I didn't mean to do that,
and I apologize again to everyone for the annoyance.
I have learned my lesson.

Blogging is enough.
I am quite embarrassed.
never again


  1. i didn't get any! (just kidding)

  2. I'm mad because I didn't get one. :)

  3. Itziar & Wendy - If your email addresses are in my address book, you would have gotten one - I stopped Facebook from sending them all out as soon as I realized what was happening1 LOL! Plus I have two email addresses & it was still on the first one. I am just not smart when it comes to these things. Maybe later in the summer I can figure it out. Maybe.

    :) Debi

  4. I looooooove FB - it's why I don't blog as much as I used to - you should give it another try!

  5. A well spoken apology
    has the hint of rose blossom
    on the breeze.

  6. Now I'm really convinced NOT to do Facebook! And, where would I have the time anyway?

  7. Raine - I know! So many people I know love it. I just feel so busy, and think I really didn't want to sign up, which is why I messed up. Maybe later. We will see. :)

    jfrancis - Thank you. An embarrassed apology also! LOL!

    Paula - I think, like you, that I know I don't have the time. Plus I'm not sure I want people from my past to actually track me down! wink, wink!

    :) Debi

  8. You know I've been asked numerous times if I am on Facebook...I am ancient and I guess with this tidbit, I will remain that way.

    One Love.

    p.s. thanks for the visit to my necessary room today. it was nice having you.

  9. Hi Debi, I didn't get one either. LOL ... I'm pretty much staying away from facebook and twitter. I like this mode of communication just fine.

    Am I sounding old, or what (:

  10. i was adamant not to join facebook until a few months ago, and then on a whim i did. after a couple fo weeks i totally lost interest. i really didnt see the point of it. i didnt enjoy it and yes, there was an insincerity that i felt among some people who seemed to just want to increase the number of 'friends' they had. i havent used it since, and am thinkiing i should just delete the account.

    blogging is so much more fun.

  11. Is that Pepto Bismol for your embarrassment? I'm laughing. Just laughing. I've also decided a big no on the whole Facebook thing. I just want to sit with someone who does have an account so I can poke around and look for old friend. Am I a control freak or what?


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