“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Reading the Cat

Remember last year?
When Maggie left me a trail of hearts?

She is up to it again.
She is sly, as cats are,
not coming right out & saying she loves me,
although I am sure she does.
She leaves me subtle love notes.
Up to me to figure them out.
she sleeps in this plant & the plant suffers, but it hangs in there


  1. Now that is completely cool! Yes, I know - an overused word. Still. Very, very cool.

  2. how is that plant after that? this is a really funny shot...subtle love just like a cat! you should get in on the pet parade...

  3. Relyn - I thought so too. :)

    elk - The poor plant is hanging in there. It gets a bunch of leaves, then they fall, it gets some more, then they fall, etc. It's still alive, though, and I like the twisty-ness of it even without leaves. I will check out the pet parade ~ thanks!

    :) Debi

  4. Wow! I didn't see it until I clicked on the photos! That cat is smart!

    Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

  5. You have a good eye... I never would have seen it!

  6. Um....kind of an unusual place for a cat to perch herself, isn't it?
    Make sure the moon is in the correct phase for accurate cat readings!! LOL

  7. Wow! That is quite astonishing...that heart! She really does find her own quiet ways of telling you she loves you, and you, being so visually receptive and open to all that is around you, always catch her messages. That is such a perfect heart!
    And that plant cracks me up. On it's own it would look funny, but the fact that Maggie has decided to make it a nest is so endearing and sweet.

  8. That is totally cool!! You have a great eye for seeing the heart :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. what a clever cat :)

  10. That is too cute! Cats - they get their love across to us in their little ways - not in as obvious ways as a dog! Ha ha!

  11. Well, of course, she can't come right out and say it. That would damage her dignity as a kitty...

    What a lovely love note she has left you though...:-)

  12. you have to be a cat owner to understand cat love don't cha!!! great photo!!!!


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