“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Baby Owls, Baby Pears - and I finally exhale

Last night there were baby owls.

They have moved across the street,
from Mary's yard to ours.
2 babies.
1 mama.
A daddy no doubt somewhere about.

But these babies.
One fell from the tree,
and I spotted him
whilst conversing with the lovely, lovely Katie.
Wings flapping oddly,
clinging to the oak tree
in the front yard.
Climbing it, mind you.

And so we were off,
trailing Robert to the tree,
and there it was,
wings flung wide open,
grasping the tree,
and climbing back to home.
A foot or two at a time,
then a rest.
Then his mama flew in,
offering encouragement,
and then a sibling ~
owl baby #2 ~
fuzzy head appearing above a limb,
big eyes staring at us.
Offering encouragement also
as owl baby #1 continued upward,
eventually finding the lowest limb
just stopping for a while,
owl baby #2 on the limb above,
flapping his wings
(maybe her wings,
maybe scolding that bad brother of hers,
while happy happy to see him home.)

Happy happy for us too.
And the neighbors.
We could not stop smiling.

And then later, late, late,
I was driving home
from a forgotten errand I'd left at work,
a raccoon crossed in front of my car.
Where I didn't know there were raccoons.

For the first time in forever,
maybe the first time since Mary left us,
I felt the magic of the neighborhood return.
And I embraced the absolute darkness,
the wind,
the rustle of leaves,
the early morning rain.

And there are baby pears.
The squirrels always beat us to them.
The one above looks like it has an ear,
That magical sidewalk
curving around the side of the house.
How can I leave this?
I think to myself.
It is home.

UPDATE right here: pictures of the babies.
but i will, i will & it breaks my heart


  1. Hmmmm...well I know you know how to listen to your heart!!
    What a lovely event to witness. I was afraid your story was going to end tragically and I'm so glad it didn't'!!

  2. the image you create with your words is just beautiful!

  3. I always find magic when I visit here, so happy to hear you are finding it too.

  4. Paint your heart___
    for the neighborhood.
    early morning rain
    on your sidewalk__
    poured out
    on the canvas.

  5. I just love it when Nature reminds us that our "civilized", asphalt-paved world is the "unnatural" portion of the program. Wonderful to witness owls at all - and most especially baby ones. Were they past the fuzzy stage?

    I've had close encounters in the middle of LA with skunks, coyotes, and most recently, racoons:

  6. Awesome!!! Owls :)
    What a delightful experience.
    And baby pears too, no less. Mmmm, wrapped in prosciutto would be nice. :)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I, too, find that where nature comes to greet me, I am home.

    I loved this post...

  8. Oh you found the magic! It was always there, quietly waiting for you.
    I found a little owl in a giant tree about a week ago at my mountain...he has been there almost every day since. I am mesmerized by him! What is it about owls? Is it because they are usually so ellusive? They are really something. And I am so glad that little one of yours found his way back home.

  9. Do wild birds dream? Will baby owl twitch in his sleep, remembering his great adventure?

  10. To all: I am still trying to catch up & say thank you to everyone. Your comments mean so, so much, and I have been so, so busy. Please forgive me.

    Valaine - It is such a magical place. Truly it is, and if I move, I hope I find magic in a new place also. Though it makes me sad to think of leaving.

    Paula - I hope I do. I am still planning on going when the stars align just right, but still, it breaks my heart. I love this neighborhood so much.

    Kamana - Thank you. And welcome!

    jfrancis - Paint my heart for the neighborhood. Oh, I like that! Especially here on Memorial Day, when I can find no inspiration at all. Thank you.

    Suvarna - I am glad you find magic when you visit. There is more than enought to go around! :)

    Johanna - It is sometimes hard to remember that I don't live out in the country. And now wild pigs. And yesterday a scarlet king (coral) snake showed up in the street, dead, but still an oddity. We don't have them in ths area. Weird things happening!

    Gillian - Oh the pear tree is laden (I just love using that word!) with pears. My boyfriend has a bigger pear tree in his yard, and, oh my, but his mom makes an incredible pear pie! :)

    Graciel - It so ties you into your place. Makes it hard to leave that pear tree ot those robins or the owls behind. It becomes a part of you.

    Jaime - Your own little owl!! That is so wonderful!! I don't know what ii is about them, but they seem the stuff of fairy tales. And yes, it was here all along, waiting for me.

    Deborah - I hope they do, but, alas, this baby is gone. He stopped for a bit on a neighbor's motorcycle, posed for a picture, and then that was it. We found his feathers a few days later. He led a fast, dangerous life, but I hope he had fun. :)

    Thank you all!
    :) Debi


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