“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


this girl . . .

this girl . . .

is pale blues & aquas & sweet tea with lots of ice ~ she is lying in a boat in the middle of the summer lake at midnight, waiting for falling stars ~ she is Texas: SUVs & bare feet on a dirt road & climbing roses & trying to figure out the secret workings of her grandmother's 4 o'clocks; she believes that the smaller the government, the better. She is a questioner, impatient, she rolls her eyes at nonsense & sighs loudly.

This girl carries Pepto-Bismol with her everywhere ~ prefers silence to music, but loves the blues & Cuban jazz & Aretha Franklin & Patsy Cline. She is warm weather ~ a dreamer who sees reality all too well ~ a reader of anything you put in front of her ~ she is front porches & a cat in your lap, a dog at your feet ~ she is happy, happy alone & can change a flat tire if needed.

She dreams in color, of rooms & windows & houses with no walls.

She buys only white linens & has a white ipod lying empty in the drawer of a pale blue table, next to several empty-but-beautiful journals which she buys thinking that this time she will actually write in this one, but she never does; she writes on scraps of paper, in blue plastic 3-ring binders, on the backs of calendar pages & bank deposit slips. She is sloppy with her money, ones & fives & twenties shoved into her disorganized purse every which way & she wonders if that is bad financial feng-shui, but she doesn't really believe in someone else's feng-shui; she has her own.

This girl is shy & feels full of secrets ~ she is easily angered, but she also laughs easily ~ she is the person people depend on, and she is often annoyed by that; she is learning to say no, but still feels guilty each time she does ~ she is a triple Scorpio, sarcastic, distrustful, snide, but fiercely, fiercely loyal & she has your back if you are her friend; she expects the same in return.

She believes it does not take a village.

This girl eats Mexican food 2 or 3 times a week, and speaks just enough Spanish to find the bathroom or figure out the menu ~ she will not buy a swimsuit unless it is blue, and fears that her bikini days may be over ~ she feels lately that her artistic muse is awakening; she is brimming with ideas, and feels a change in the air. She is sunshine on skin.

This girl is not as scared as she used to be.


This post is inspired by the fabulous Gillian at Indigo Blue.
Play along & tell her all about it.
Who are you?


  1. Wonderful post Debi...! Triple Scorpio, hmmm? I have Scorpio everything in my sign but my birth sign is Capricorn. You know what I mean? In my houses or planets or something....all of it was Scorpio! :)
    Don't give up on bikinis, we must take a stand against the air-brushed standards set for us by men who have pot bellies and bad hair. Really.
    Even Demi Moore needs airbrushing to look like Demi...at least that is what I read recently.
    I am quick to anger too, but I'm working on that. I've adopted a new strategy, it's called "I don't care" and I don't allow things to bother me lately...it is in the experimental stages right now but seems to be working well. You know, it's funny how many things really don't matter.
    Saying no is very liberating, isn't it?
    Loved your essay, thanks so much for sharing more about you. I loved reading it.

  2. I love these This Girl posts... they're so romantic. And that's such a great photograph of you.

    And I'm a Scorpio with all of those other gadgets in Scorpio too so what does that mean?

  3. Another Scorpio! I am too and am inspired by you to do the "This Girl" post. It might take a few days to get myself assembled, but I shall let you know and Gillian too when I get it done!
    I'm hitting a milestone this October, so the timing on this is perfect to do the introspection.

  4. Love this photo of you, a little mystery ....
    This is a great idea and I've enjoyed getting to know the real you. I will join in soon.

  5. i love this girl (even the canon)! tho' i don't understand why anyone would not use their iPod (says the girl who has a 160GB one standing in its original packaging right beside her upstairs computer). i too know only menu spanish. :-)

    wasn't it fun writing this? i love the distance 3rd person gives.

    happy weekend,

  6. What if we took just a few thoughtful moments each week to sketch out a friend or acquaintance in words...what deeper connections we could weave. You and Gillian have inspired me to do this.

    Thank you...

  7. Oh, Debi. I fell in love with this idea over at Gillian's and was just delighted to discover that you were playing along. Now that I've read it... Well. I am very, very glad that I can at least be your virtual neighbor, but I'd rather join you on Lindsey Lane.

    I really loved this essay. I love that you are bubbling over with ideas. My favorite line, though, was She believes it does not take a village. Here, here!!

    I'll be joining you in a day or two with my own This Girl post.

  8. I LOVE this idea...I think I would like to do it too.
    I love even more, the little tidbits of you that come across your blog that help me to know you just a little bit more.

    Wonderful post.

  9. I love this shy but fiercely brave girl to bits! xx

  10. your processing of your photos is so magical. what do you do?

  11. Georgia - I am not a photo purist. I believe in photoshop & magic! (I was a photo retoucher by trade, way back before Photoshop reared its wonderful head. It is almost impossible for me not to do something to an image. Plus for me, as an artist, it is all about what I want the viewer to feel when they look at an image. I have a vison! LOL!)

    Thanks so much for stopping by & for leaving such kind words!

    :) Debi


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