“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Shoulder Against the Gate

A gate begins to open.

So odd how things change, time changes, circumstances change, moods move around, life shifts, love evolves, new priorities arise, we grow new memories. We put our hands on a doorknob, or, more likely, our shoulder against a gate that's a bit stuck, and begin to push it open, peering through the spaces between the boards, pushing harder against overgrown plants that are blocking an easy opening, knowing all the while that there is a secret garden inside and it will be all ours if we just keep trying. The gate perhaps sags, dragging the ground as we inch it forward, and as we keep our shoulder to the task, our mind drifts back in time, wondering how we came to be here. The day is damp, rain has fallen all morning, and the earth is muddy beneath our feet. Last year at this time it was all sunshine and warmth, and the day was frothy with pink dresses, but this year April seems muted - all grays & silver & rain, soft with memories and possibilities - and our shoulder grows wet against the rain soaked wood. We continue to push, spying through the gate not a world full of flowers & blooming trees, but a world that looks much like the place where we stand. But we have faith - somehow we know that once this gate is open, once we enter this secret garden, our life will change. And it will be good. We aren't expecting miracles, we know we will have to work, we will have much trimming of all that overgrown foliage - we can tell that already - but still, we are ready.

It is quiet,
but there is birdsong
the dripping of the wet honeysuckle
growing along the fence top.

The gate is almost open.
My paintbrush in my hand, I push harder.
almost there


  1. Yes, possibilities. There are many that abound-waiting for you around the bend.
    Love the writing and the image!
    What a milestone, huh?

  2. Gates sometimes open to reveal real treasures. Open ever so slowly...

  3. an image maker. you create the best stories out of nothing! keep your shoulder to the gate dear friend!!!

    daddy eagle just landed..god is he huge or what!??!

  4. How fabulous! The gate sometimes opens from the inside, doesn't it? =)

  5. Muted, yes.
    It has been.
    Let's keep the faith....xo

  6. we grow new memories. i really like that idea...especially in spring. lovely.

  7. Finally, a moment to catch up on your blog. And I love it all...this girl in her big girl panties, swilling beer with texas boys, giving the finger to perfectionism and moving forward through the gate.

    I love it all.
    xo, Graciel

  8. Your words and images are always so FULL. I love coming here.

  9. Paula - Again, this word possibilities. There seem to be so many just right there at the edge, peeping through the fence. I hope they are still there when I manage to get he gate open.

    Brenda - I hope, I hope it is treasure behind the gate. And I am opening ever so slowly.

    Robin - Yes. I am full of stories. Send me a picture, I will tell you a story! :)

    Gabby - I hadn't thought of that. And sometimes the gates are even open when you pass them by. You just have to walk through.

    Gillian - April is brighening, but staying cool & rainy between the days of sunshine. I am ready for some warmth.

    Julie - I hadn't put together the new spring growth of memories - thanks for pointing that out. :)

    Graciel - Oh, I sound so brave when you put it like that - I wish I really were!

    Amy - Bless you! I love having you climb up on one of the Emmatree branches & hanging out for a bit! Many thanks!

    :) Debi


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