“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Saturday Morning

The latest accidental collage.

I keep this acrylic stand on my desk/table top, next to the computer, next to where I work on paintings if they're small enough. Usually facing me is the R. Buckminster Fuller quote - Dare to be naive, an old calendar page-a-day quote. But in the hustle-mustle of last weekend's painting binge, things got moved around, knocked over, pushed here & there, words scattered hither & yon, and when I began to clean up (I say that in all seriousness, knowing that there is still stuff piled everywhere; I should be ashamed) I was taken with the above phrase, when no wind stirs, and I dropped it into the stand next to those hands & that blank Polaroid I love so much, just so I could think about it later. Maybe it will inspire me, I thought. I looked later & realized what a lovely juxtaposition it made. Self made art, found poetry.

The wind is stirring outside, though, and last night brought rain. The catawba tree is bursting with blossoms, and I opened the blinds this morning in the semi-darkness to silver pools of water gathered in the street, reflecting porch lights & street lights, white flowers floating atop those reflections. The day has now dawned, gray & cloudy, and green, green, green; the monkey grass is almost knee-high and honeysuckle is blooming all along the wall of the creek, white & pale buttery-yellow. If I were out in the rain, I could smell its sweetness - it greets me each evening when I come home, wanting its honeysuckle belly rubbed, just like a cat, and I seldom resist. There is no other color in the yard but overwhelming green, made brighter by this early morning drizzle, slowing down now - I can hear individual drops hitting the back porch and the front sidewalk. As I type this sentence, however, color comes into view in the form of a neighbor out for her morning walk, wearing a raincoat the exact pale yellow of the honeysuckle, a pale yellow that seems startling bright against all this green. As she passes by, Mary's porchlight twinkles into view behind the catawba tree limbs & green ginkgo leaves - it will always be Mary's porchlight to me, though she is gone, and the house will soon have new caretakers; you must forgive me. The wind is stirring a bit more now, and the rain is stirring also - I can see it hit the bricks of the road, each individual splash a silver spark in this dull morning light. Except for the sound of this slowing-down-again rain, there is only the soft whirr of the computer, and the clicks of the keys as I type, and the almost silent hum of the refrigerator behind me in the kitchen. No fan, no air conditioning, no birds yet. A quiet, quiet morning. Maggie the cat is asleep in a basket atop the washing machine, waking now & then to peer out the window, hoping the rain has stopped, wanting to be outside. She won't have long to wait. I can hear a bird welcoming the weekend.

If I can stay awake, it is a perfect day for painting.

i hope your saturday is as calm as today's beginning


  1. and i hope you do! i am of to practice with my singing group..it's joy!

    your words here are so descriptive and I am happy for your visit earlier

  2. You are a seriously gifted writer!

    I have added "When no wind stirs" to my screensaver. Brilliant phase, and much more elegant than "cooking".

  3. ELK - I stayed awake, but that nasty sinus thing came by & just grabbed hold of me, and painting flew out the window. Your day sounds like it was fun! :)

    Johanna - You are always so kind. Thank you once again! Isn't it truly a wonderful phrase? And I'm not really sure why! It just seems to invoke a peacefulness.

    :) Debi

  4. Wendy - me too. And i just love that it was an accident.


  5. i love that accidental collage

    it has given me a sense of
    'yes you can' to try
    collage myself

    it's so 'expectant' that piece

    i love it!

  6. Maddie - oh, yes, of course you can!


  7. OH, goodie! I have been imagining and imagining the portfolio since you told us about it months ago. I am so very glad to see it. You are exactly right. It is magical indeed.

  8. Relyn - It is just a bunch of papers, but how funny that they carry so much power & magic! LOL!
    Thank you!

    :) Debi

  9. when no wind stirs.

    I was telling you about this newfound passion for poetry I have...and I realised that what I am looking for is not something incredibly profound...I am looking for the simplest things...it doesn't even have to make sense..it could be a series of words that just sound good together, that make you want to say them out loud, or a different way of seeing something familiar. It's the words themselves that interest me, and how they are strung together, not so much the meaning.(does that sound odd?)

    and these 4 words are strung so beautifully together.


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