“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


It's a Wonderful Life

I have been searching high & low for missing magic.
All the time, it sits here in front of me.
Look in the mirror, it says.
Your life is full of wonder.
I forget to be thankful.
I forget to be happy.

So, for me, a list.

Remember these things you thought were not gifts,
but most definitely were:
**the spring rain that kept you inside ~ lazy, drowsy,
the tv full of old movies**
**that old car you drove in high school ~ standard shift,
and now you can drive any vehicle, which = freedom**
**that boyfriend who broke up with you
when you were young,
the one who never brought you flowers,
saying nothing was exotic enough & you knew it was a lie**
**typing class**
** that move you made,
fleeing a loud, horrible neighbor,
from the town into the country;
a horse across the fence your new neighbor**

And these things you know are gifts, but forget:
**ice cubes**
**Sweetarts ~ thank you Christy**
**hot baths**
**Granny Smith apples**
**pencil sharpeners**
**postage stamps**
**a cat who wakes you too early every morning**
**another cat who greets you every day at work**
**shelves of books**
** +1 reading glasses**
**can openers**
**air conditioning**
**24-hr grocery stores**

All those dreary, wonderful things.
A table by the door to hold my keys,
my phone,
my mail full of bills.
Very "It's a Wonderful Life".

And it is.


  1. Glad you got your surprise and liked it! I made the purse with you in mind, I hope you like it too. I will try to remember those things as gifts....I too forget to remember that every day is a gift. Sometimes it feels more like a curse. Love you!

  2. Love it! I think I'll take your idea an make a post like this tomorrow!

  3. Debi,

    This is just the kind of post to touch my heart. I love it. I especially love the list of things you didn't think were blessings, but definitely were after all. Isn't that the way life often turns out to be?

  4. Thank you for reminding me to remember :)

  5. Oh, no kidding about the old car from high school and typing class!

    Things I never thought to be grateful for, but SO AM!

    Thank you Debi :)


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