“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


I Will

Come rain or come shine, I am not fighting it this weekend.

I don't care.
I will just go with the flow.

I will paint.
I will let it be what it be.

I will read,
I will listen to music.
I will avoid the news.
I will slow my breathing.
I will buy chocolate bunnies & jelly beans.
I will make last-minute Easter baskets
and I will not care if they are imperfect.
I will, in fact, embrace imperfection.
I will own it.

I will tie ribbons into backward bows,
having learned to tie a bow that way as a child,
imitating my Mother's bow while toe-to-toe.
Her left my right.
I will shred tissue paper for Easter grass,
my niece so not into pink anymore,
you understand,
being 12 & all,
black high-tops more the thing,
so white grass for her.

I will wish for warmer temperatures,
these lingering cold nights having worn out their welcome,
but I will accept willingly
whatever number the mercury climbs to,
piles of white blankets at my toe-tips.

I will be me.
I will relax into that.
I will ask for what I want,
but I will understand if it does not come.

I will, however, ask again.
a house in the country, space, solitude, the ability to relax


  1. I too learned as a child to tie backward bows. Been fighting it ever since, trying to make it right. You sound pensive.

  2. Yes! relax into you...
    That was the perfect wording.
    Your weekend sounds like a much needed recentering. I'm so into that right now.
    I'm glad I'm not alone.
    Let's both recharge our batteries and go with the flow, shall we?
    Lovely post.

  3. Oh, that sounds lovely! I have to clean a house, finish a quilt, make a cherry pie, deviled eggs, and hashbrown casserole. Make up raffle tickets for the quilt for Saturday. It's rush, rush, rush...without letting it get to me. I am trying to be not obscessive obout it all. It will get done. I am going to hold a fundraiser for Midland Hospice and for $5 you can sign up to win a chance to win it. So now I also have to start promoting it. Haven't heard from you for awhile. Hope everything is going well. Love (and a surprise) being sent your way.....Happy Easter honey

  4. christy's tasks sound so appealing t eh observer, cherry pie, deviled eggs and a quilt! it's that pressure though isn't it? your pressure to paint and create and "relax". her pressure to get all that done for the greater good. i'm guilty of making up so much of my own pressure. i don't even know what it is based upon most of the time. i just feel it. i even feel it about my blog..."i should post a photo today, i should have a better photo to post today." i have no wisdom to offer eon this topic. none at all. instead i will take your wisdom and try to just let myself be for a day, an hour a minute. love and hugs today as you try again to "let go." how did it go yesterday?

  5. would you mind if i borrow some of your thoughts and use them for my convenience?
    i hope they work for you...

  6. I love your post - I WILL !!!! sounds wonderful - just wish it and make it come true : ) oh, I agree, don't listen to the news !!
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  7. sometimes....it is okay to indulge ourselves a small portion of time in which we could seek refuge into our own cocoon. but it is only to emerge again, afresh and ready to take on the world.

    i find myself needing the cocoon more and more recently. hope it'll clear up soon....and i hope, it will for you too =)

  8. i will think of you today with the sun on my shoulders,
    i will pick your heart up and hold to the sunrays for warmth and comfort,
    i will whisper sweet thoughts for you in the ears of the seagulls,
    i will honor your courage and open my arms to the sea, knowing that within the storms within, we can find solace and grace in the beauty that is to just be.
    today, i will love you again, as i did yesterday xx

    PS: oeee..this came totally from my heart to yours...no thinking of the words...it just came out...teehee...xx

  9. I love that you tie backward bows, and the little story of how you learned them.

  10. Relyn - I am so visual. It's a wonder I drive correctly!

  11. This makes me take a deep deep breath. This takes the pressure off. It's no longer Easter, but everything else still applies.



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