“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Field of Poetry

Yesterday morning I had a conversation with a friend about poetry.

I thought about it the rest of the day,
wondering if poetry consisted only of words,
but deciding it did not.
Not really.

These flowers above,
laid out at my feet,
beckoning me onward, forward,
the rain dripping from overhead leaves ~
surely poetry.

Standing in this very spot,
I silently watched the trees
where last year the owls lived.
Five owls on a limb?
Oh, surely poetry.

These catawba blossoms,
and stalks of blue morning-blooming flowers
the only colors against all the green,
the yet-to-bloom hydrangeas
Turkish caps
a memory of last year,
a promise held for this year.
Surely that promise is poetry.

The trees of spring are empty now;
pear, tulip, dogwoods.
Surely that emptiness is poetry also,
the leftover blossoms here & there,
just words of a different language.
A language taught by the wind,
by the rain, the sun, the storms.
A language whispered at night by the moon,
the stars,
the clouds drifting across the darkness.

I plant my feet in a field of poetry
take a step.
And then I am walking,
running with the poetry against my skin.


  1. oh, i want poetry against my skin. but instead, at the moment, it's just the sound of traffic from the highway...sigh. thank goodness for your poetry.


  2. What a beautiful way of expressing the truth that poetry is all around us if only we look...

  3. Julie - Doesn't that sound luscious? And the sound of traffic is just a different poem, maybe? Maybe not - LOL!

    Amy - That's how it felt, exactly.

    :) Debi

  4. Very beautiful... I've not thought of it that way. You are so inspiring.

  5. You are so right. It is not just words. Anyone who has witnessed a dancer moving fluidly through space and time as though defying gravity. Truly, poetry in motion!

  6. I barely took a breath while inhaling these words :)

  7. oh i so truly
    agree with you and stand poised on these spots each day ~a window is thrown open to the word here!

  8. i love everything about this. the words and the image. so glad you share it. poetry indeed.

  9. Randi - Thank you. I always see these things as gifts, as magic. Ordinary, but not.

    Paula - Yes. Movement. The sound of a cello. Absolutely poetry.

    Valaine - That is quite a compliment. Thank you!

    ELK - Yes. We just have to stand still a moment. Just be here now.

    Tracey - Thank you. Everyone was in synch today, it seemed. And that is a bit of poetry also.

    :) Debi

  10. And this post?

    Poetry. Surely and certainly.


  11. Oh yes, poetry, all of it and then some, yes!

  12. :) it made me happy to be pushed over here to your blog for the purpose of reading your living poetry. i came for another reason, to tell you my mail does in fact seem to be dysfunctional... i got your last e-mail, the one where you ask if i am "there". i wrote you a long response and now it won't connect to the server to send so i will wait till it works again and send it winging your way. i didn't want you to think i had moved to another country and cut off all communication with my previous life :) i have no desire to do that at this point in time. this is a lovely, life giving post dear heart. thank you. XO

  13. Robin - It is good to hear from you, and my thoughts are still heading your way.

    xoxo back

  14. you must have a heavenly place there amongst so many blossoms and scents.
    poetry for sure - your words, this photo and that moment.

  15. This is so, so true...poetry is everywhere...all around us...

    and your photo...gorgeousness!


  16. my heart is vibrating in joy at the poetry i found here.

    oh. oh. oh. such beauty and magic. the white blossoms, the wind, the whisper of promise.

    the unfurling.

  17. The world is awash in poetry, should we choose to pause and listen.

  18. SYW - It is quite heavenly, but so easy to miss all the magic when hustling & bustling through my work-a-day world. This blog has taught me to stand still, to see.

    Celeste - You are right. We just have to open our eyes & our hearts.
    And thank you - I too really like this photo. I may actually print a copy for myself - something I seldom do.

    Hele - :) Ahh, yes. The unfurling. So much easier surrounded by flowers.

    Deborah - It is truly our choice. The world just offers all these gifts & waits.

    :) Debi

  19. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Ok I have often thought that the world around us is pure poetry, but...
    *running with the poetry against my skin*....
    THAT is the most wonderful thing ever!!!!!!

    Beautifully written xo

  20. bella...and i so believe that breath itself is the essence of poetry - should we allow ourselves to consider it so. xx s


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