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I am feeling bad today, all sinus-y & earache-y & my jaw - oh Lordy, it shouldn't be legal for a jaw to ache like it's been aching, and all the teeth on the left side of my face just hurt & my face, too, is all achy-breaky & I think that little lymph node thingy the doctor always checks right there under the side of my chin is a bit swollen & I actually stood in line at the drugstore yesterday evening to get the good decongestant - the one where you have to sign a white sheet of paper before they'll take your money for it, the one that requires you to have your driver's license ready to be scanned, and I was really trying to not be annoyed about it - I was actually thanking the powers that be that at least they had the stuff, even if I did have to buy the 48-count box because the pharmacist said they were out of the 24-count, and, really, how would I know?, not being allowed behind the counter to doublecheck his truthfulness - but I was really wondering where all those people who lobby so tirelessly to keep us from having to present a picture i.d. before we can vote happened to be when this law was passed? I mean, surely if having to present your i.d. to vote disenfranchises the poor (and I admit here that I have no idea why that disenfranchises the poor, me being pretty poor myself), this also must be unfair - if it requires an i.d. to get the stuff that really works, and if being poor = no i.d., well, then that's just wrong, isn't it? Okay, I know it's silly, I know poor people have picture i.d.s & driver's licenses (like I said, I am one of them) & that it's just a political game, but some consistency would be nice. Especially when you're feeling bad. And I was feeling pretty bad, and I was wishing one of those lobbyists was feeling bad also, and standing in line behind me. Actually I was also wishing one of the folks who'd passed the law requiring this stuff to be behind the counter was in line behind me & really feeling bad, because I was not above taking my time to dig out my driver's license, and not above deciding to pay with exact change & looking for all that change in the bottom of my purse, because it's a silly law. Truly. They do nothing with your information. I asked once. They just keep that paper you've signed - just a plain sheet of paper, usually with lots of other signatures already on it - and if the police or sheriff's department or whomever (whoever? whomever?) wants to look at it, they can. None of your information goes into a computer database alerting law enforcement that you are buying tons of the stuff to use in making meth - however much that might be. And I admit here, being the libertarian-leaning person that I am (and now I am probably on the government's watch list, having made such a radical statement), I'm glad of that, but so much silliness. And like I said, I wasn't feeling good. I even bought a new thermometer. Just in case.

And though I am feeling bad today, I think maybe I am feeling not as bad as yesterday. I am hoping, anyway. I have not yet eaten and we will see how that goes. Sipping on a coke has so far not made anything worse. If possible, I will work on paintings & collages (the 30 minutes I managed yesterday really leaves me quite behind on my imagined schedule) - the jingle box shown above is not glued down, and its silliness appeals to me today, so maybe I will finish that piece. I will finish watching Slumdog Millionaire, which, I admit, I am finding not fun at all. I much more liked yesterday morning's Vicky Christina Barcelona , even though it has the usual cliches about artists and photographers - that oh! you take such interesting photographs, oh, you must stop using digital; here, let us find you a film camera, you need a darkroom - it just drives me crazy because photography is photography is photography, and yes, there is that darkroom magic when you are printing black & white & can watch the print appear before your very eyes, but. But. Photoshop is just a different kind of magic. But I am just an old fogie & I have been in this business a long time, and I have developed film & hand printed pictures & hand retouched & hand painted pictures, and I perhaps no longer appreciate that first aha & oooh & aahhh, but still, digital is here, digital is photography, and I admit I love it. The ever-wonderful Michael, who has been in the photography business even longer than I thought the movie was just ridiculous - a chick flick - a "you too are an artist" flick. He just rolled his eyes. But I wasn't feeling good, and it was nice & mindless & full of pretty people.

And I did see a dress I wanted. Penelope Cruz was wearing it.
dear Lord, I am rambling. time to stop.


  1. Valaine - Thank you. I am better today, but not up to art.

    :) Debi

  2. glad you're feeling better. And you know what about digital photography? True, I think film photos look better (unless you have a $3000 digital camera maybe), but digital is waaay better for the environment. Less chemicals, less waste (how many times have I gotten back a roll of developed photos and thrown all but 4 or 5 out. But then I guess that says more about my photography skills than the drawbacks of film itself. Still, on that digital camera? I push a button and POOF! that blurry, poorly lit photo is gone, no need to waste chemicals and photo paper on it. Plus then I know I need to re-do that photo if I want a decent one. So there!

  3. ppsssttttt...I LOVE photoshop too. It really is a magical thing of its very own.

    I hope you are feeling better, you poor thing. Sending you hugs and healing vibes along the wind currents from north to south. Open your windows and let it swirl in. I promise it will make you feel better.


  4. Amy & Jaime (see? I am a poet! teehee :

    I am much better, but draggy, draggy, and lazy, lazy. The healing vibes are working!

    :) Debi

  5. Feel better - better and better. Soon.

  6. well, maybe not up to art but certainly up to making me grin and giggle. :-)
    Hope you are feeling better now.


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