“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Sunday neighborhood stroll

My favorite was the last shot I took.
A Sunday afternoon stroll through the neighborhood.
Katie through a red tree.

A fat robin.


The squirrel who loved us.
A little ham.

The first thing around the corner.
Yes, another weeping camellia.
But I just love the way
it looks as though
it has poured its blossoms
onto the sidewalk.

Nothing deep this Monday.
I have an art show coming up, probably early June.
I prepared canvases over the weekend,
walked this walk with Katie,
enjoyed the late light.
My favorite day of the year -
the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.
I have survived another winter.

Springtime, here I come.
with arms wide open


  1. your pre-spring pictures are wonderful and SO different from mine....oh the joys you must have from living in WARMTH !!!

  2. The coming of Spring
    cannot wait___
    and so the planets dictate,
    Camellia must weep
    and spread her tears
    before the royalty
    of Summer's Time.

  3. I love all of your photos! I'm thankful you shared them. Looks like you live in an enchanted neighborhood :)

  4. I love all your photos, but the one with Katie through the red tree is the best! Wonderful! Spring is definitely on the way! Everyhing starts to feel new... the air, the soil, my brain... (: Thank you for sharing your spring walk with us.

  5. What a wonderful walk! I'm envious of everything already blooming and looking so green.
    I could almost move to Tyler. Almost.
    'cept I like it here a lot and if I'm not here, I'd be back in Hawaii I guess!

  6. here summer is slowly withdrawing. although i know that winter follows straight on its heels, i love autumn. the light has a certain dreamlike, underwater quality that makes me feel more full of light myself.

    the picture of katie through the tree is truly lovely.

    and all the other photos made me smile. i can see summer starting a new flirtation already.

  7. I almost missed Katie through the trees. Had to look again when I read your words. Aaah! Sneaky!! :)

    Your spring is coming faster than mine. It shows up for a day or two and then brr!! Winter is back.

  8. hi katie! how nice to meet you! through the red trees that appear to compliment your hair no less! debi it is really fun for me to walk hand and hand with you while you introduce the special things about your neighborhood ... if only virtually.

  9. spring is slowlybeginning to peer into our neck of the woods as well although mornings are still covered in hard frost but oh how lovely it was to take a stroll with you.

  10. I recognize that house in the photo! How come I never see robins around here? I seem to have so many other birds. Today Robert found a little green frog and placed it near the pond. I hope it stays.

  11. Thank you for sharing your neighborhood with us. Looks like a magical place, full of colour and life.

  12. With every neighborhood post, I think I've gotta live in Debi's town. I just might. Some day. You make it magic.

  13. When I need some daily inspiration, I go blog hunting...I'm touched by such beautiful thoughts and images as as these.

  14. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH that gate! That wonderful gate! Is it yours????

    We really have to get together sometime and go searching for enchanting gates to capture with our cameras. We really do.



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