“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Passions Abound

It is Relyn's Month of Passions.
An inspired idea.
A whole month of personal passions,
shared by herself & others in the blogging world,
including me!!!

But first. Those wonderful others so far:

"I could describe the magical moonlight on a balcony overlooking the Nile . "

"So I had an affair with my camera...."
from Beth at Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Taken

"The next time you buy yourself a candy bar, buy one for a co-worker.
Leave it on their desk with a smiley face post it note."

" . . .every few years I just have a need to touch a 700-year-old building . . ."

"Say love, come over here, called Rumi off a shelf one day in the West Indies.
Say huh, I thought.
I will translate for you, the book promised."
from Christina at Soul Aperture

Treasure Hunting:
"We had a big box at home filled with "treasures"
that were usually dollar store items
which meant nothing to us except "I found it". "
from Leslye & Taylor of Spread Your Wings

Art Museums:
"One glimpse of a Pissaro landscape, and I was in love."
from Relyn

Everyday Blessings:
"I want to remember the smell of simmering plum jelly
in my grandmother's kitchen,
her apron tied tight,
and Johnny Cash on the radio."
from Stefani of Blue Yonder

Today is my turn,
the first day of spring.
You can find me here.
A Passion for Possibilities.
please visit & tell me what you think
and tell Relyn thanks for such a wonderful month with more to come


  1. Thanks for giving me new blogs to check out! Love to do that.

  2. I've just been to read your post and it's wonderful - I love the idea of a passion for possibilities. And with your art, the possibilities are endless - especially with that gorgeous collection of paper and emphemera! Thanks for sharing your passion.

  3. P.S. I have just taken a peek at your etsy shop and your work is fab! I wish I'd known about you in time to snatch that waiting for the storm painting away - gorgeous work!

  4. very

  5. I just came from Relyn's and loved your post on paper -- a passion of mine as well. Your blog is lovely and I hope to return often!

  6. OH! This is SO you. I love the creative, generous way that you share. You have a gift for seeing possibilities, not just in papers and colors, but in people.

  7. your paper passion was a delicious read!

  8. i am on my way over sweetie!

  9. your blog is exquisite & mesmerizing, a rare glimpse into magic drifting from the stars to our sides as we wander this path of life!

  10. Wow..I have so much to catch up on. You must get so frustrated with me...not here for long stretches and then filling your email box with a hundred comments all at once.
    I need to find my rhythm!


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