“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Dreaming of Nothing

I snuck in a nap at lunch.

And, oh! it just does not get any better than oversleeping an early-afternoon nap when you're supposed to be at work - the house is quiet with sunshine against the walls and spriglets of white flowers guarding the door, one cat sleeping in the taller-than-she-is monkey grass, dreaming of jungles, another cat stretched in the shadows of the camellia tree out back, napping on fallen red blossoms. There were sliced avocadoes for lunch earlier, swirled across my plate, and fresh limes, and a cup of rice with salsa, pinatas hanging ouside in the breeze lulling me onwards toward that nap. At home, the barely-barely-there sounds of wind chimes, pear tree blossoms peeping at me around the corner, the white & blue temptation of pillows, the joy of wiggling my naked toes under a warm white blanket.

I dreamt of nothing.


  1. it must have been a nappy kinda day. husband took a little nap at lunch time as well. something in the air...

  2. And I bet those pinatas hung at the neighborhood Mexican joint we've talked about! I cannot sleep in the daytime. No naps for me. It takes three pills for me to sleep at all. To slip into no movement or thought and release myself into the arms of peacefulness. I'm glad that Mary's roses have climbed up to greet today's sun in yellow welcome. She is waving her blooms your way.

  3. Julie - Spring fever. :)

    Brenda - Yes, and I was so wishing I'd known that they now have a Mexican shrimp cocktail, which looked exactly like something I would love. Next time!

    :) Debi

  4. sounds like early spring and heavenly. really nothing better than an afternoon nap but i very, very rarely take one.

  5. I very rarely take naps during the day but today was one of those days for me as well. Sometimes it does a body (and spirit) good.

  6. That's it! We're moving to Texas. I wonder if living that close would give me enough of all your Emma Tree goodness? Seriously, Debi, your words are pure joy to me. the white and blue tempation of pillows a poem of contentment in just one line.

  7. Oh that sounds delicious, all of it! Fresh white linens, sleeping cats, limes and salsa! delicious!

  8. Oh- what a lovely post and napping is just so heavenly!

  9. How wonderfully perfect is this!??!!?!?

    I love naps too...little ones...30 minutes...any more and I feel boggy. But a sweet little catnap in the middle of the day is bliss.


  10. What is it about a spring-light-suffused house that is so conducive to napping? And dreaming? (Of nothing).

  11. i'm not a nap person....but i read this and i think "i am really missing out on one of the most blissful of experiences in tis world. honestly you make everything sound magical!



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