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3 Years of Purrs, Minus 1 Day

She has been with us 3 years today.

She was oh-so-terrified that first day, tore around my office, knocked down an antique screen door I had propped against the wall - an expensive one, I might add. That perfect shade of green, tall & arched, quite, quite lovely. Down it came, breaking into pieces. We will fix it, the ever-wonderful Michael & I said to each other, but we haven't - it's still propped against a wall in another room, in 2 big sections with all its little pieces & parts stacked around it. We will fix it eventually, but it doesn't matter. She mattered. She hid everywhere, eventually settling in the very far back room, under piles & piles of photo props & behind an old paper processor. No way to entice her out. It left me in tears, mad at Michael for bringing her here, heartbroken at her fear. That night I came back, and one by one removed the props I could lift, finally reaching her, finally dragging her out, finally holding her, finally calming her down a wee bit. We sat together, heartbeat against heartbeat, until she was hungry. At last. I left her in Michael's office, with all her necessities - food, water, litter box - and she was there the next morning, happy to see me.

And so we began. I come to work every morning & she runs into the hallway & flops over on her back, waiting for belly rubs, exactly the way Maggie waits for me in the driveway at home at the end of the day. She is fat now, and happy, and behind me on her chair as I type these words. If I come in to work at night, she is thrilled to see me, more than willing to keep me company, wanting attention, plopping on piles of photos I am checking. She has never damaged one. She is the perfect photo cat.

Happy Anniversary Lily.

She is purring.


  1. what a sweet kitty, and what a fabulous photo!

  2. Cats are so special. I adore my two. Do you work from home? I've been trying to figure that out. The azaleas in my neighborhood still aren't at their peak yet. How about over there?

  3. aw sweet kitty. cats are such great company.

  4. Lovely, lovely Lily! Are those cat treat cupcakes? I wonder if she blew those candles out...
    What a perfect description of what many of us have gone through when bringing a new cat home!
    And, what a pretty kitty. You tell I said so.

  5. I love how animals nestle into our hearts for the life. What a perfect bond. SHe sounds like a special kitty! You are all lucky to have found one another...

  6. I think that there is nothing like sharing your life with a cat. They bring such comfort. They seem to carry contentment around with them. A little bit rubs off each time you snuggle a cat.

  7. happy birthday Lily!I love her even though she always tries to bite me whenever I pet
    her. lol:) Iam so happy because I'm typing this from the green thing!!!

  8. Found you courtesy of Relyn (thanks Relyn!!).

    I am a cat fanatic, and though no longer have one of my own, I volunteer at a cat rescue where I have unlimited access to purring.

    Cats RULE!! Happy B-day Lily!

  9. oops....happy anniversary!!

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


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