“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Road to Normal

I just want to think about normal things this weekend.

I want to just buy cat food & paper towels. I want to sit at Los Gueros & read the book I bought last week & have a bowl of rice, a plate of sliced avocados. I want to visit my mother, watch Emma play basketball, browse Target, stock up on Cokes. I want to sprawl on the couch, Maggie next to me, and happen upon some wonderful movie on tv. I want the phone to not ring. I want to spend time in the sun, have a smoothie, clean the house, do laundry. I want to fold clothes & put them where they belong. I want to spend the rest of my Christmas gift card at Barnes & Noble, make tuna salad with Granny Smith apples & boiled eggs and splurge on flowers. I want to go grocery shopping and read the ingredients on everything I buy, I want to begin shopping for Easter basket goodies, I want to rent Chocolat. I want the phone to not ring. I want to think about cleaning the back porch. I want to take pictures. I want to sleep. I want this week to be behind me, I want the calendar to tell me I am here now, that I need to pay the electric bill, that the Jeep needs an oil change. I want to buy garlic & spinach pizza at WalMart & be annoyed at the hordes of children and people in my way - I want to just go back to normal.

My map is in my hand.
i want to stop thinking about loss & death & goodbyes - I want a hello


  1. The town is sprawling
    this weekend also
    and normal turns to watch
    as you go by;
    from the emma tree falls
    a red apple
    for the tuna salad___
    granny smith
    prefers the high country.

  2. I don't know about normal. Sure feels empty over there.

  3. you have described my favorite kind of day, including my favorite movie "Chocolat"

  4. Firstly, where is this restaurant? Haven't heard of it. I've lived here four years next month. I want to get tonight's expected freeze behind me so I can plant goodies in the garden!

  5. ah, normal...LOL like that will happen!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog as it led me here to your wonderful blog full of such life!

  6. Oh...I hope you are revelling in your blissfully normal weekend...:)


  7. I think there is much comfort in the ordinary-ness of life. Hope you enjoy a normal weekend.

  8. those are the best!
    today, we stayed in our pj's until 4pm...we did not clean anything...kellen rolled down 2 rolls of toiletpaper...it layed everywhere...and we blamed the cats...we ate whatever there was to eat...

    yes, normal is fabulous! xx

  9. Normal is good...normal is needed... normal lets you know you are here and things are going on and moving forward... enjoy it!


  10. Just want to say..I'm so very much loving your blog.


  11. Even the normal, the mundane become magical when you add the spell of your words.

    Oddly, enough, gently is the word verification for today. Maybe that was for you? Or for me?

  12. I grapple with trying to define what would be normal for me. But I certainly can relate to what it is that you want.
    Remember those things on the playground when we were kids-the one that you got on and made it go around and around as fast as you can until you get sick and have to get off?
    So often life feels like that to me and I just want to jump off and stop going so fast and getting so dizzy.

  13. It's weird isn't it? How much we take the *normal* stuff for granted when we are content in life, or even wish for anything but normal.... but when life gets heavy, all we yearn for is a bit of normal. I hope you are finding simple comforts to fill your days dear Debi.


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