“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Moment of Robins

You get moments.

That's it. That's all. Nothing more. And the thing is, that's all you need. Yes, I wish I'd had a longer lens, a better lens, a faster lens. I wish the grass was green. Neither really matter. I got a moment.

The robins arrived this week. Monday afternoon they discovered the back yard. By Tuesday morning, it was an invasion. I know it doesn't look like it here, but there were robins everywhere, and taking the trash out felt like I was walking through the final scene of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. They were back again this morning.

The last few days have been hard. My body is finally exhausted by the emotion of the final month, and wants nothing but to lay in front of the tv - even reading requires too much effort. I am up before the sun, taking care of Maggie, feeding her, letting her outside, and then I find the couch, computer in front of me, and search for something to write about, but I have so little to say. So little. I open the blinds and wait for daybreak to show me the fallen tulip tree blossoms across the street, a trail to follow to spring. There are white blossoms on the pear tree. A moment here, a moment there. And now the robins. It won't be long.

The weather forecast is 80 degrees by tomorrow,
with a cold front moving in again this weekend.
If these robins are still around,
they will be having their own moment.
i have so little to say this week, so little to say


  1. I never seem to have robins! I have every other bird though! Take it easy. Grief takes time. It takes the wind out of you. It takes sleep because the emotions exhaust you. You have plenty to say. Maybe the words need time to form, after you've had your private "moments."

  2. Yesterday morning on our way to school Sloane hollered, "Hey, Momma. Look at that bird. He's so pretty!" Low and behold, it was the fattest robin I had ever seen. I took that as sign that spring was on the way. Oh, I hope so.

  3. 'Once in a dream'
    the land became my life
    and the sky___
    my living room
    where leaves scatter
    before the autumn cold.

  4. 80 degrees! Dang girl, I'm coming down there! It was 72 here today but the cold front is coming in tomorrow. I have a few robins too, and my hyacinth and peonies are starting to spring forth. yeah...I am looking forward to spring. You know that I am with you and you are correct, grieving really takes it out of you. Rest up....we will all be waiting with baited breath for your next words. Love you!

  5. What a glorious sign of spring, I can just imagine what it must have sounded like, a whole flock of Robins chortling away. Beautiful image.

  6. Lovely image~
    life is full of moments...
    and moments
    Blossoms sound divine
    like desert amongst my white blustery winter day...
    sending you gentleness and grace for your heart ~

  7. I love when they bring the announcement of spring in this manner. The other day, there was a whole bunch of grackles in our fruitless mulberry tree. What a raucous! An Alfred Hitchcock moment for sure.
    I love the star and flower outline on your doorstep! What causes it? I thought the flower outline was "Mary's work" until I saw the star from Nov.

  8. lucky you. eighty degrees and a robin. i wish. so tired of the cold.

  9. *sitting in this quiet moment with you*

  10. be gentle with yourself. grief takes time. it takes soooo much out of you, inside AND out, sooo be gentle with yourself. your words come, even the ones you don't think you have, they are encouraging, robins, flower at your doorstep, caring for Maggie, resting on the couch with your computer on your lap, they let us know you are here so be gentle with yourself we're all here for you tooo : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  11. my heart aches at the beauty

  12. that photo doesn't seem to require anything more, not even green grass. it's perfect. hopefully spring really is on the way, as it's 10 degrees where i am this morning. i'm not finding much inspiration in that! very very long winter...

    oh my, the word verification is 'ponicar' which just brought a smile to my thoughts :)


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