“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Language of the Moon

I cannot find the words for these pages.
I have looked & looked.

This is the cover - see the shy little moon?
The white moon?
I know this book is about that moon.
My companion.
A wanderer.

But the pages feel too fragile for the words.
They are wounded enough.
The words will hurt more.

And so the book stays silent.

There are traces of the moonlight that touched me when I danced with the angels.

But no words.

The birds & leaves are fluent in moontalk.

There are flowers that wait for the brightness of a full moon to call them to blossom, and there are flowers that wait for the moon to say goodbye before they rouse their heads.

They speak the language.

They know the words.

I do not.

and so no words here - just bask in the moonlight


  1. How gorgeous is THIS!?! Is this in your etsy store?! I have to show this to someone...

  2. oh to have fluency in moontalk. stunning.

  3. Tango - I've emailed you. Thank you!

    Gabby - Would that not be a wonderful gift? Thank you also! :)

    Michelle - And thank you! I was feeling a bit apprehensive about this piece - what? a book with no words?! - and as I told Tango, there is just the last page to be completed. Now that I've decided it will not have words, I am unstuck. Big exhale on my end!

    :) Debi

  4. It doesn't need words, it's perfect as it is. And the words I whisper to my little one before she goes to sleep are not "good night" but rather "dance with the angels". That must be the wish of dreamers.

  5. i am so happy to have come across your artful blog -- so much goodness, warmth, and feeling here. thank you.

  6. Melissa - The best dreams are the ones in which we dance with the angels! Thank you!

    Susan - Welcome! I'm happy you liked it here! And thank you!

    :) Debi

  7. Hi Deb,
    You've brightened my already bright morning. Thanks for the poetry.

  8. i don't think it even needs words - it speaks for itself and will speak to each individual differently the way it is. this is so gorgeous

  9. thank you, I will bask in the moonlight. How gorgeous.

  10. ah, but these pages do not need words, they tell wonderful stories just as they are, touched by the moonlight and a bit of imagination...

  11. Theresa - You are more than welcome! :)

    SYW - Thank you so much. I have worried & worried & truly looked for the words, but I believe it just was meant to have none.

    Eilandkind - Yes! It is about the light of the moon. Thank you!

    Polona - I am so glad to read your thoughts, and glad you, too, think words are not necessary for this little book.


  12. Your book is lovely and the words you write around it in your blogpost lure me in even deeper!

  13. Tammie - Thank you! The words are around it, not in it. I thought about that little aspect while I was writing those words. I thought - aha! Now you come!

    :) Debi

  14. Debi, It is divine! A stunning work of art!

  15. Wow - I adore this book - it certainly does not nedd words at all - it speaks for itself.

  16. Suvarna - Bless you!!

    Judy - Bless you also! All these good vibes are so good for one's soul! Thank you, thank you!

    :) Debi

  17. Hi~ I just love your site- the words, the photography...it is all so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it all.


  18. i opened up each image to it's fullest potential and looked for words and yet i could not find them either. and then i looked at your comment box ans here were the words!! oh yes what lovely words this book has inspired to be exchanged between friend and friend! and i listened to the Out of Africa Theme (with bose noise canceling headphones the better to shut out the noise of the cafe with my dear) on the entire visit and LOVED the drama it leant to this ~ seeking of your lost words~
    you are a gifted girl and a gift to me.
    thank you.
    i have a little something ready for the mail to send you. something i am excited about :) it may even arrive by heart day. i do adore you debi.

  19. This book. Oh, this book. It has no words, you say? Well, no written words. But, our hearts hear them. Oh, our hearts feels their tug and listen to their whisperings.

    Magnificent, marvelous magic you spin, my friend.

  20. What a wonderful thing...a book that doesn't need words. Each page carries its own silent song. It is so beautiful.



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