“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


In which I TRY to be less introspective

I have a thing for gloves.

If in doubt, I always tell my family, you can give me gloves for Christmas. I have a shoebox or two full of them. I have a couple of pairs laying around here at work - I keep coming across some purple fuzzy ones in one of the back rooms. Every jacket I own has a pair in a pocket. When winter comes around each year and it's time to start wearing coats & jackets & hoodies, I'm always surprised - oh! that's where those blue ones with no fingers went! It's like finding a five dollar bill tucked away where you forgot, but, unlike that five dollars, gloves will keep my hands warm. I have lots of black ones, blue ones, some green ones, leather ones, those trimmed with lime-green feathers that I've mentioned before, white ones with black thingies that fit just over my palms, pink ones, the striped ones above, gray ones, and on & on & on. Expensive ones or cheap ones - I don't care. Fingerless gloves with attachable mittens. Just plain fingerless gloves. I'm lately lusting over arm warmers, but since spring is on its way, and since I really don't need them, I haven't bought any yet, but there's no doubt in my mind that by fall, I will own some.

and pale pink fingernail polish


  1. I love that photo! Finally a sneak peek! It's the gloves that make it extra fun though.

    I'm with you about the gloves. When I wore my grandma's white gloves to dress up, it was so much fun and I kept thinking, why don't I wear these more often? I think that about hats, too.

  2. Oh yes, gloves are a necessity and a pleasure. Arm warmers...now I've never heard of those before but they sound very cool! I say that you treat yourself to a pair of those...Spring is still 6 weeks away afterall!

  3. Beautiful as always...I only wear gloves when I really have to. Mine are (of course) purple. Hope all is well with you, haven't heard from you for awhile. Keep you and Mary in my prayers. Love to you.

  4. As you have a thing for gloves, I have a thing for hats and jackets!
    Love those stripey ones you have on!

  5. Hi Emma - Was checking out your Etsy site, which brought me to your blog, which brings me to this: http://www.tinkerandpo.etsy.com! I have some fingerless gloves in my shop that you might be interested in!
    Happy blogging!

  6. So good to see you! Well, a little hint of you anyway :)

    I have always had a hard time with gloves...my fingers separated like that makes them even colder! But scarves are a completely different story. I love them! I love how they add a bit of colour...and warmth of course. I have started knitting them, I love them so much.


  7. The gloves put a very cool zebra into the photo. Love self-portraits like this!!! Thank you!

  8. Tango - Oh. Gloves. I just feel complete in them. I know that sounds absurd, but it's true. :)

    Susanna - Michelle Obama wore arm warmers under her coat on Inauguration Day, so we may be seeing them more & more. Target even had them this year. However, I think I will be treating myself to something of Lisa's - you too should check out her etsy store. It's very cool.

    Lisa - You have very cool stuff - I will be over to spend actual money! It's just too "meant to be" that you would find me at the time I was talking about gloves! :)

    Jaime - It's true that your fingers will be colder separated in gloves as opposed to mittens, but it's warmer where I am, so all I need are gloves to keep the cold air away. I LOVE scarves, but I always feel silly in them. Katie wears them with absolute style - I must learn from her!

    Gabby - Thank you. I felt fun & zebra like!

    Christy - I will try to email you this weekend. Mary's house is a house of craziness right now. But back to gloves - of course purple! Maybe teal blue also?

    Paula - Oh, we could talk jackets! I have tons of those too. I love hats, but look silly in them. Not a good hat head! LOL!

    :) Debi

  9. this is why i came today... i stole this immediately and added it to my eensy little photo album of my friend debi. this was a real find! wow! i can almost see your left ear. wow. i love your hair dear. gloves so not make me happy. i need them too much and they don't help. hats make me happy though. i don't need them at all so they are just for fun. umbrellas are cool. do you have an umbrella for texas rain storms?
    cute girl :)

  10. I love knowing this about you. I think it's all the little things that make a friendship. LIke the way that I know to always bring bagels home from Kansas City for my friend. Or, the way I stock up on Dr. Pepper before certain guests arrive. It makes these frienships feel more real. Tell me more.

  11. fabulous gloves!!
    thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words of support. PEACE!


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