“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


In Which I Take a Bite

There it hangs - right there in front of us.
Love, sweet love.
Us daughters of Eve who just cannot resist.
And so, we reach out.
We grab it.
We take a bite. We are hooked.

I remember those nights of wondering if he would call, wondering why he didn't, wondering why I said that (how stupid of me), wondering what to wear, wondering if those red heels were just too too, wondering, wondering, wondering. I remember wondering if I would ever meet The One, and I remember when I did. I remember where he was sitting, feet propped up on a desk, I remember meeting his eyes and knowing. It took a few years before a casual - very casual - friendship - evolved into something else, years of others, years when I would forget that first meeting until I ran into Him again, and then I'd remember - it would all come back. I always knew. And I knew when we finally took that irrevocable step that I was lost - it was too late, even though it had always been too late.

So here's to that first bite.
Here's to knowing.
Here's to red high heels.
happy belated valentine's day


  1. This is a beautiful love story and it makes me want to tell you bits of mine. I met my love when I went to my boyfriend's Bible study my sophomore year of college. I loved his socks, he loved my legs, and that was it for both of us. We were caught. Exactly two weeks later (again at soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend's Bible study)my heart whispered to me that he was the one,. My heart was right. It's nearly 20 years later and I love him more every day. So, here's to argyle socks, legs, and Bible studies.

  2. I wasn't going to look at your blog
    for a couple more days for fear of blubbering uncontrolably while reading your post about Mary. But, since no one was around I had to peek.
    Big surprise! Thank you.
    I never seem to put my feet on my desk anymore.
    Oh yes, I read your secret words.

  3. i'm listening to heaven stood still while i read this...
    oh my.... this is a perfectly you love story. and your final three lines. i love them! your last poem talking to your first poem!
    great photo debi :)

  4. You always know how to jump start my own creative energy with your fanciful words of wisdom. What I think back on is: why on earth did I waste so much of my young years WORRYING about why or when some guy would call. Can't believe it was such a big deal now, years later. Too many other things catch my interest. Like plants and nature and what the moon looks like. I didn't understand way back when what solitude even was... Guess I know what that says about me as a "romantic."

  5. Ahhhh....so, so romantic! I could never tire of hearing other peoples love stories...

    Thanks for giving me a morning swoon...:)


  6. mmmm...red shoes...yellow shoes...what a magical colorful collection! Heart of gold i would say! xx

  7. Such a beautiful love story. And I could look at that sweet photo endlessly...all those little bobbles of light surrounding your big beautiful heart.

    I adore this post.


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