“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A February Spring

See how warm it is?

No real socks needed.
Only cute ones,
ones to take a spin in,
to twirl about the yard in,
to act shy in.

I took a thousand pictures of the tulip tree,
blooming now,
pink blossoms everywhere,
with namaste hands reaching for the sun.
Impossible to capture how it makes me feel.
And so I turned to the lovely, lovely Katie.

Me? she seems to be saying,
all shyness & giggles.
But what you can't see,
what the secret is,
is that her hands are also reaching for the sun.

Welcoming our February spring.
the sun's gonna shine on my back porch some day


  1. February spring__
    then we will have tooo
    do it all over again
    in march.

  2. In my workd...February never = spring.

  3. jfrancis - A do-over for spring?! What bliss!

    Michelle - I know. But you get snow for Christmas, so it evens out. Maybe?

    :) Debi

  4. Maybe, but not feeling it right now!

  5. we're having a February Spring here too. It's so wonderful to be able to bask in the sunshine for a few days.

    love this post.

  6. SYW - Hard not to smile when you're handed a gift like this!

    :) Debi

  7. Hi~ We're having a February spring here too - for a few days...the spring teaser- then gone for probably 4-6 weeks then most likely hop right into summer like weather! But I'm enjoying it while I can...

  8. Patti - Thanks for dropping by. I am sitting here on this lovely sun-filled Sunday morning, doing laundry, cleaning out cabinets, sweeping, etc., etc. - windows open, flip-flops on. You just gotta enjoy it while it's here! Have fun!

    :) Debi

  9. My flowers seem to be reaching toward the sun today. A blissful thing, isn't it?

  10. This image is so playful, I can imagine those hands reaching! Though we are not exactly having spring weather it is not raining or snowing, so I think we might call that spring like

  11. What a lovely, lovely line:
    "pink blossoms everywhere, with Namaste hands reaching for the sun."
    It is indeed a February Spring!

  12. Hey! I loooove your new photos and the language of the moon!!

    I finally finished my blue owl site :) I want to share it with you


    Talk to you soon!

  13. Delight. As always, you delight me. Today we have 68 degrees and breezy. Even better, I have recess duty. At recess duty I always think of all the other adults stuck in offices under flourescent lights. I get paid to be outside under a tree, listen to children laugh, and watch them play. Lif is sweet.

  14. This is such a cute image...not just the cute socks but the sweet little way one foot is standing on the other...it really does look like a shy pose. It's amazing how much can be conveyed, just with the feet!

    I wish I had a tulip tree.


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