“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Bird, a Bible & the Serendipity of Things

I ate the last piece of Mary's chocolate yesterday.

And stepped out of her house,
feeling her smile,
feeling her thinking at last,
feeling her freedom in the cold wind roaring through the trees.

The bird above was hers - I stole it from her Christmas tree. Just a thing. Her house is full of things. Things, things, things. Take what you want, her daughter said, but I cannot. They were hers. But when I feed Charlie the cat, who is still living in her house, I look around, and I am surprised by things I never saw while Mary was alive. An entire shelf of Bibles surprised me yesterday - Mary was not a religious person. And yet, there they were, one covered in faux pearls, a gift, with a note from the giver dated 1958. I was tempted by this little Bible, I must admit, and I may succumb, but yesterday was not the day.

Perhaps today.
To keep my Buddha, my Ganesh, mi milagros company.

But right now, I am looking outside - through this cold, cold, hopefully-the-last-of-it, full of sunshine air. There are cats to be fed, cats who do not live with me, but they will wait a few hours. Right now I am searching for the energy to clean. My house looks depressed, clutter everywhere, unopened mail still laying where it was dropped, dust on all the surfaces, more laundry to fold. I am easily distracted by the all day marathon of Lord of the Rings, by the beauty of the grape hyacinths by the door, the yellow forsythia exploding at the foot of the driveway, the white popcorn flowers against the fence by the corner, by my cold toes wanting me back on the couch, blue & white down coverlet wrapped about myself. Easily distracted. And yet, as I type these very words - yes, exactly at this very moment, the movie freezes on the television, a blue road on the screen, and silence. A sign surely, and I am a believer in signs. I do not take them lightly. Move, this one says, get up!

I will tell you about the hearts later,
and the serendipity of things.
things, thing, things :) golden hearts & black hearts


  1. I love that word: serendipity. Almost sounds like an ice cream flavor! It's a cold day, so move about and then snuggle back under the covers and gather your thoughts. As your thoughts, once written, are so beautiful.

  2. The Bible___
    can keep only the human spirit
    Welcome it,
    it contains eternal life___
    as other do not.

  3. Beautifully written, Debi. I too am a believer in signs. That little bird is an exquisite harbinger. Of flight. Of movement of all kinds.

  4. Whether or not you decide to take that faux covered Bible, will you consider posting a picture? I'm trying to 'see' what it looks like and can't come up with the right image.
    Sigh...I know what you mean by distractions. They are my daily 'battle'!

  5. I think all day marathons of Lord of the Rings is such perfect medicine for times like this. A little escapism never hurt anyone. If only we could take it a step further and move in to one of those sweet little hobbit dwellings. ;)


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