“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


An owl and some birthdays

Fat little owl.
Not afraid of the barking dog at the foot of his tree,
this little owl just blinked at me,
winked at me,
saying what a silly noisy fool this dog is.

Something a little cheerier against the white sky, and thank you to Robert for news of the owl's appearance. Mary's birthday is today - 95 years she has watched come & go, and she said she didn't want to see this one come, but here it is, and she is here to welcome it. And we have an owl. Robert says that in many cultures owls are a harbinger of death, but as I've mentioned before, I've begun to think of them as guardians, as messengers, and I will continue to do so. Perhaps this one is here to accompany her when the time comes.

He's a brave little owl - I'd trust him to take me anywhere.

But until then, well, until then. It is also Christy's birthday today, Christy whom I first met online, a message board we both visited - later we met in person, hugs all around. Friday was the lovely, lovely Katie's birthday. Without both of these women, this blog would not exist. Both have been there when I was scared, anxious, not believing in myself. Both have been nothing but supportive true friends, telling me the truth, telling me to just do it, telling me I could do it, both are proud of me when I break through barriers & fences of my own making. Mary, too, was always incredibly supportive, always insistent that I could do this. Three women, ages varying from 30-something to 90-something, three true friends. Three true friends, one soon to go.

But no real ending.
Not really gone.
Every time I see an owl, I will be reminded.


  1. That's beautiful honey, Happy Birthday to Mary! Maybe the little owl has come to take her home. I would hope a horse takes me....

  2. Christy - Are you trying to tell me you want a pony for your birthday? :) Cause, really, I don't think I can do that. I mean, I would try, truly I would, but . . .

    Happy Happy Birthday anyway!!!
    :) Love, Debi

  3. Precious words, as always. So insightful you make me smile. The thoughts that enter your head are runaway trains that miraculously merge. I wondered if we had those owls. I've never seen any owl for years. But then I'm one block from Broadway... Would love to put up a house for them to see if they would come. What do you think? Oh, and I visited your Robert's blog. My Robert shared a Bruno's pizza with us and is gone for the day. New horizons in the garden room. Robert may be putting up a window across the brick wall, or perhaps just glass bricks. Will know soon.

  4. Nah....I am a horse fanatic and probably always will be though. If I had to come back as an animal, that would be it. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Love to you.

  5. Could you imagine my expression when your site revealed itself to me today? Oh!! How lucky you are! I've been wishing I could come across one - because - I closed down silentdreamer.net (after 7 years) and have opened a new site called blueowldsigns.net It is so time for me to have a change in my life. I had a dream few weeks ago that a little blue owl (no bigger than 6 inches and a brilliant peacock blue) came to visit me through my window. He flew right up to meet me. It felt so real. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I decided that I would call my site that from now on.

    When I came here to visit you I asked myself if I should go ahead and share the news or wait until I get everything up and working and then your sweet owl friend was starring me straight in the eyes and I had to catch my breath :)

    How lucky you are to have such friends. It is a good thing, how blessed you are :)

  6. wow, that is just so beautiful.

  7. Debi, funny, our sites must have been screwed up yesterday, I left a comment, and it never appearde, probably hijacked by one of the foreign language visitors!!

  8. I've heard about owls being harbingers of death, but I also think of them as the archetypal "wise old birds." Wisdom is grounded in experience and intuition. And your friends are very wise to "egg you on" to trust in your abilities and intuition.

    Happy Birthday to Mary!

  9. Brenda - I have emailed you about the owls. :)

    Christy - Then a horse it shall be!

    Valaine - Weirdly enough, I'd already found you under Blue Owl Designs & changed the link under Silent Dreamer - I don't know how, only that! This little owl is pretty amazing. I don't think he's moved from this spot in days. He is always there, and nothing perturbs him. I go by a couple of times a day & say hello to him. He's just a few feet from the street, just a bit above eye level. very cool, and such a fat little guy - he just fills his knothole perfectly. :)

    Hele - He is beautiful, isn't he?

    Michelle - That was so strange. I think I figured out the part I emailed you about, but still, I was confused. Weird!

    San - 95 years! I remember her 90th birthday party - it was sleeting & winter storming outside. 5 years have seen a lot of changes. As for the owl, well, to me, he's a gift from God for whatever reason. :)

    Thank you all!

  10. Owls are too special and sightings too infrequent to be thought of as anything but good. When I see one I practically hold my breath watching it- for fear it will fly away before I get an eyefull.

  11. That is such an amazing image. What a beautiful owl...he looks as though he was created from and for that tree.
    I too saw an owl, just two days ago. He was on the ground next to the road I was driving on and suddenly took flight right in front of me.
    There is definitely something special about them.

  12. i have rarely seen an owl but oh how i would love to meet this little bit of feather and fluff. guardian..yes i believe that. you must have felt your fortune to be very good indeed to have met this owl in person. and what n earth does an owl say when they find out they are published?!?

  13. i have rarely seen an owl but oh how i would love to meet this little bit of feather and fluff. guardian..yes i believe that. you must have felt your fortune to be very good indeed to have met this owl in person. and what n earth does an owl say when they find out they are published?!?

  14. sorry dear...now we're even steven :)

  15. "but no real ending, not really gone. Every time I see an owl I will be reminded." so well said. I do feel that those we love never truly leave us, their bodies die but pieces of them live in our memories, exist in our dreams, in the wind or a smell, a song, or an owl. Little reminders that call them forth and make them live again in our hearts.

  16. SMC - They are pretty magical & I feel unbelievably lucky to be able to see so many up close. A gift from the universe.

    Jaime - How wonderful!! I would have loved to've been there, to've seen your owl! Did he make a soft whooooshy sound as he took off?

    Robin - :) I believe this little owl (there are now actually 2 of them sharing this knothole) would just yawn at the idea of being published, he being so much more highly evolved & not at all impressed with such things.

    Suvarna - Oh, I think so too! They stay with us forever!

    :) Debi


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