“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The language of dreams

I'm up before the sun today,
the year's fullest moon
still hanging behind clouds in the sky.
To my left as I walk out the door.

Awake at 4:00 - wide awake,
a dream pushing me in front this computer,
telling me to speak its language,
to write of the things I saw there.
But all I remember is vignettes,
and colors, an out of focus feel.
I remember bowls of words,
remember thinking I must organize my words,
get them into the correct white bowls -
nouns here, verbs there,
phrases in the biggest bowl.
The air was the air of Provence - this I knew,
although I've never been there.
Those French trees,
whatever they are,
cypressses I think -
I only see them in French paintings & movies -
they were there,
and there was water - a lake, I think,
not the ocean, but it was blue,
a soft, soft, summery, dusty blue,
hovering in the background of the dream.

A shame to awaken so suddenly.


  1. Perhaps in that dream we go from bowl to bowl to construct our narratives. If we go to a bowl and our desired word isn't there, our messages get stalled or modified. Relationships become affected ... for good or bad. We would blame it on the bowls. And the air.

  2. what a wonderful dream, even if it did compel you try get up and try to write it out at 4 a.m....i'm personally glad it did.

  3. Hele - You are, as always, so kind. Thank you. :)

    Jenny - Wow. This dream stayed with me all day, in the back of my mind, and I tried working it out, thinking too much about it. I have words everywhere - I actually have bowls with words & phrases (handwritten & cut from magazines & calendars) & then there are words scattered about my workspace - like those seen above. I'd decided the dream was telling me to get things neat, get things organized, that my stories & art would benefit, but now . . . I don't know. Your interpretation makes too much sense - I might get stuck in one bowl. Perhaps I'm better off just leaving them all together, reaching in & just being surprised at what I find. Then I cannot blame the bowl, or hold the air responsible, which, of course, would make things so much easier on me - it's not my fault, I could say. Hmmmm . . . very good! You should charge for dream analysis - would it be by the hour or by the dream, I wonder? :)

    Julie - Oh, it compelled me to do other things also, which I just didn't talk about, but which I am sure were good for me! LOL! But I was awake - the dream would have no excuses. I will admit to a nap later in the morning though!

    :) Debi

  4. A beautiful dream. Reminds me of a scene in What Dreams May Come...not a favourite movie of mine, but the scene that looks like a painting was incredibly beautiful. One of those rich pieces of eye candy that makes you want to live in that particular world.


  5. Oh this image, I just get lost in it! so perfectly, intoxicatingly, dreamy!

  6. Jaime - I will have to google up What Dreams May Come - I don't think I know that one. But anything that looks beautiful seems worth checking out - I can always just leave the sound off! LOL!

    Suvarna - I thought I saw you in there! :)



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