“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


If pigs had wings . . .

I watched art being made today.

Of course, this little piggy wasn't thrilled about about being the subject of said art, but he hung in there like a real trooper, squealing & growling (and I must admit, if you've never heard a small piglet growl, it's pretty wonderful & I recommend you run right out & find one of your own & just listen) & he was eventually done with having his close-up taken, Mr. DeMille, thank you, and got to nestle back against his captor. Who caught him with her bare hands out in the woods a few days ago, his mama & siblings & all the other members of his herd? - tribe? - having left him to fend for himself, once they recognized there were human beings headed their direction. This little piggy slept through all the commotion until it was too late, and then it was too late, and he was scooped up & brought home - right across the street from me, next door to Mary, where, whether he would admit it or not, he had it pretty good. A bath every day, lots of food, someone to pet him, dogs who actually thought he was pretty cool & loved having him around. But today was release day - back into his woods he must go, mama pig hopefully having calmed down enough to've come looking for him. But first - studio pictures. Part of Robert's ongoing animal series/wildlife series/reptile series. Real stuff. You know, film. 4x5 camera, the whole shebang. I was invited to watch, so grabbed my camera & took pictures of the portrait-making process.

I love this look he's giving Robert.
If he'd had wings, he'd've been long gone.
rub the sides of their noses & they fall sound asleep


  1. Oh how I have missed you!!!!!!!
    I have been out of the loop for far too long, and to come back to your space here and see this sweet little pig has put the biggest smile on my face.
    Missed you missed you...will go and read everything I have missed.

    So good to be back...want to share a pot of tea?


  2. His little snout reminds me of my dogs!

  3. LOL! If looks could kill! Or, at least stop what was happening to it!
    I love baby pigs! We used to raise pigs, so I know how wonderful these little piglets can be. I think they are one of the smartest animals around. Even if that little pig did not find mama, it will be just fine, thank you since he's escaped from that 'evil' Mr. De Mille!

  4. What an absolutely awesome picture.

    Your words and images dance through my heart like leaves swirling in the wind. Where they pass green things start dancing in response.

    Thank you for all the beauty.

  5. Aww, that pig was supercute. Nice blog ! :-D

  6. Jaime - And I have missed you! So glad you're back! A pot of tea in a warm snug little house?! Oh, absolutely! :)

    Brenda - A coworker said the very same thing today! Dose rubbing dogs' snouts work like a tranquilizer? LOL!

    Paula - I KNOW! Isn't that a great expression? I'm glad to know he will be okay - I worried.

    Hele - My poet friend. Thank you. You have wolves, I have pigs & raccoons! :)

    Melanie - Thank you for visiting! And thanks for the compliments! He is a cute pig!

    :) Debi

  7. oh...poor little pig. why on earth would he want to return to the forest after all that good love? please do give us the update when you see him trying to sneak in the back door of robert's house. the growl of a pig.... sounds perfectly delightful!!

  8. adorable pig, that look is priceless.

  9. Oh, My long reply disappeared!!!!

    Robin - He will grow to be King of the forest, Cowardly Lion notwithstanding! And he will have great stories to tell all his piggy friends!

    Suvarna - It is such a great look - I was so happy I caught it!

    :) Debi


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