“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


2009 begins - good omens, birds & flowers

The Christmas tree has been replaced.

January always makes me happy. Lighter. The Christmas tree is taken away and in its place is light. Texas January light. It doesn't hurt that today is in the 70s & sunshine is everywhere & that the mirror that was blocked by the tree is open to that light. It doesn't hurt that in the tree's place is a small fat vase full of fun little white carnations & another vase with teenier carnations & this little white camellia from Mary's yard. Dezha brought it to me the afternoon of New Year's Eve.

2009 began with my bird muse.

It flew in through the open bathroom window, zipped through the bedroom, and flew smack into the closed glass front door, turned around and then flew wham into the closed kitchen window, landing senseless and stunned - that's how I knew it was my muse - on the window sill. I picked up the poor little thing, took it outside, and gathering itself together, it shook a few feathers, then swooped low over the yard & disappeared into the magnolia tree next door. What a wonderful omen for the new year, I thought. Then back into the house where I noticed my muse had left its mark on my just-out-of-the-dryer white sofa slipcover. Yes, you know what I mean. You do. But I remembered that scene in Under the Tuscan Sun - remember? - where the bird poops on Diane Lane's head & that's a good sign & that's how she's able to buy Bramasole? So I take it as a good sign.

Sunshine, birds, white flowers, warmth, art.
So far, so good.
tonight's travel movies: a good year & under the tuscan sun. yes.


  1. Great story - I can just see that little dazed birdie!

  2. I, too, love January. I love that clean feeling when all the holiday doo-dads are put away. Everything feels fresh and full of possibility.

    May 2009 bring all the best of everything to you!

  3. I love your happy little story, although I am not sure I would be able to be too happy about the poop. I love January. Fresh beginnings, empty calendars, life full of possibility.

  4. How do you even make bird poop magical? :) Texas January's sound so beautiful...I won't even bore you with how cold it is here today...

    Cheers to your sweet little muse...and a wonderful year of creativity...


  5. oh! magical beginning to your
    brand new year:)

    and i love that photo ~ beautiful

  6. Didn't you have a hummingbird fly into your car once?

    A sweet little bird wanting to show you how wonderful wings can be! Even if she collided with the glass a few times.

    Did you share your wings with her?

  7. An auspicious start to be sure, there are cultures in which bird poop is considered to be very good luck I think. If not that then at least good fertilizer. :-)
    Love the thought of the bird as your muse. Heres to fresh starts.

  8. Oh my - how did I miss everyone's comments here? Time flies, you know! :)

    To all - Yes, I did have a hummingbird flying around in my car at one time & I am quite impressed with your memory, Miss Jaime! And yes, bird poop & all, I think it signals a magical year to come!

    Thanks to everyone!
    :) Debi


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