“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A year off with pay - that's all I need

I sit in this child's chair & dry my hair.

I've had this image for 2 or 3 weeks - taken when my camera was acting crazy & not firing when I pressed the button a certain way - you know, down - but only when I pressed it kind of back into the camera body & then slightly down, and I was pretty aggravated & frustrated & all that stuff, and it didn't even matter that the exposures were way too long to be hand-held - I just wanted to figure out exactly how to press the shutter release button so that the silly camera would actually fire when I wanted it to. So when Robin got inspired by Tango & suddenly decided that the perfect way to finish out blogging for 2008 was with "happy accident" photos, I thought, well, hey, I've got tons of those. I'm in.

Apparently not. Turns out I actually use all those accidents - how revealing, huh? All those mistakes I remembered seeing - okay, not all of them, but bunches - were images I'd already posted. I'd already done something with them. And I'd tell you exactly which ones they are, but surely you already know, and if you don't, well, far be it from me to reveal such secrets. But there was this one, and even though it's not really a happy accident, it's an accident, so that counts, right? And this one says so much about me. How not a morning person I am - how I am always late, no matter how fast I go, how I hate for the phone to ring because, Lordy, Lordy, that means I will have to actually speak to someone (text messaging was invented by angels for me personally), how lately I never seem to get enough rest, even when I spend all day on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of House, how I am just plain frazzled. It makes me laugh, this double-everything in the image, this busy-ness, this sad little lonesome chair nestled against the wall waiting for me to just sit down & dry my hair. And as I write this, the phone rings.

Of course.


  1. tee he heee... and here i was coming over so that i could, you know, reassure you that your sixteen (i know it was only three but humor me) comments actually did show on my post today...and to thank you for making each and every one of them unique and complimentary and funny in their own right. and i see this fabulous accidental happiness here linked back to TB and myself and i think; "Oh debi sure does know how to play! how fun!" i know!! you are the queen of happy accidents aren't you? that's what it's all about around here at emmatree... the magic of not knowing what will be revealed before it actually happens...

    you could have a year off with pay or win the lottery - either one would be good


  2. It certainly captures the hurriedness of the morning ritual! I love happy accidents and I'm 'in' starting with the New Year!
    Happy accidents: a chance to redirect...

  3. I love that Robin has named you The Queen of Happy Accidents. Whether you get a year off with pay or win the lottery, you reign supreme over beautiful simple images that say much. Happy New Year! Dry your hair, take it easy and enjoy the day.

  4. I am truly flabbergasted to be named a Blog of Note. WOW!

    Thank you so much. Please write about angels.

    Great to "meet" you and happiest 2009!

    And THANK YOU!

  5. Robin - Oh, I was so silly!!! I forgot the comments showed up at he top of your comment page, and kept looking at the bottom, wondering where they had scattered to!! And I hereby accept the title of Queen of Happy Accidents. I must now design my palace!

    Paula - Hurry should be my middle name. I am also a tripper-over of cats when half awake! Glad you're playing!

    Tango - Hair is dry, belly is calm. So far a good day! :)

    Reya - Tango was also a Blog of Note, and now here I am, with two such notables commenting on the same post. How very cool, if I do say so myself! :) While working & thinking about angels, I got quite caught up in the idea of wings, and my new post is all about such. It's great to "meet" you too - your blog was terrific & I was happy to've found you!

    :) Debi

  6. Ah.... I can see that you are in need of some tiny silver stiches of your own to whisper shh... shh...

  7. I am not a morning person either.

    I am a late morning person who wishes she could be an early morning person so she could get more time and space to do the things she wishes to before she works every afternoon.

    Is House good? I haven't seen it but I have been wanting to.

  8. Relyn - Yes, very tiny, very perfect little stitches. I am almost off to bed. :)

    Jaime - Yes, watch House. I think you'll like it - but see my email first! And I totally relate to the wishing I could get up earlier to get stuff done, but . . . :)


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