“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A star with my fingerprints

What if we grew our own stars?

What if we watered them oh-so-carefully, tended them with our souls & our true, true hearts? Fed them with the wishes & dreams & desires & love & joy & wonder & amazement & magic & secrets we keep hidden from the world? What if we babied them, and covered them with soft white sheets against freezes & ice & too-cold air, what if we whispered to them enchantments & sweet nothings & sat with them for hours, reading poetry and singing lullabies? What if we planted them next to old, wise trees, who knew the ways of the earth, and had seen many, many moons pass overhead, had seen comets streak through nighttime skies, had watched the planets appear, disappear, then re-appear? What if those trees spoke to the fledgling stars, in the language all wild things share, telling them stories of lightning & wind? If they did, would the star babies politely listen, but giggle deep inside, for what is lightning compared to a star? Would they understand they were stars, destined to live in that sky, above the clouds & rainstorms & thunder? Would they know? Would there be a place for us to buy star seedlings, and would we know what kind of star we were caring for so faithfully? Oh, I hope not, I hope that final flight from the earth would surprise us, would take us unawares, that we would be resting after a warm afternoon of pulling weeds, enjoying the cool of the evening air and suddenly there would be a flash, & maybe a whoosh, & maybe a star scent left behind, & there it would go - flying above us, faster than we can even imagine, and then . . . then? Then there would be a new star in the heavens.

And our thumbprints would be on it.
It is the stars not known to science that I would know. ~ Thoreau


  1. Oh, my stars! You speak of possibilties and finding out what our true potential really is. Or, at least trying to find out what that really is.
    So wonderfully put as you always do. I can't help but think what a lovely inscription this would make in a note given to one who has just had a baby. For, isn't that what our children are, but little stars?

  2. Oh!

    How absolutely magically beautiful.

    You have lifted my heart up to the stars with this*

  3. Pure Magic! thank you for this, a perfect way to start my day.

  4. You so totally amaze me with your creative genius it is scary! I don't even think in this way. But I am so envious of your flair for it! Beautiful!

  5. Paula - Oh, what a piece of silliness this seemed, but I didn't care. And I love your idea of thinking of children this way!

    Hele - I am so glad! I hope your holidays were peaceful & there were moments of quietness for you. And PS - Thank YOU for the little star!

    Suvarna - This makes me feel so much better about posting this. it really did feel silly, but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I'm so glad there are those of y'all out there who understood! :)

    Brenda - Thank you, ma'am! I do think in very odd ways! My poor little brain probably rolls its little brain-eyes at me all the time! LOL!

    :) Debi

  6. (((sigh)))))Enchanting!!! I don't find your thoughts 'odd'...but magical...:)


  7. Celeste - Well, maybe a little odd, I think, but that's okay. It makes me smile!

  8. I was planning to write and tell you that you understand magic better than anyone else I know over four feet tall. And then I read Paula's comment. Oh. She is exactly right. Exactly.

  9. I have been sitting here in my chair, jaw gaping, eyes like ping pong balls, reading over and over again your words in this post.

    THIS....this is my most favourite post ever...anywhere in the blogging cosmos.
    My favourite.

    I want to believe that this story is true. I want to come live in your universe.

    I wonder how many times I will come here to read this post again.
    Thank you for putting stars in my eyes today, like no one else can.


  10. Relyn - Thank you! And Paula thanks you too, I'm sure! :) She IS right!

    Jaime - The image of your eyeballs popping & your mouth hanging open just cracks me up! It was the first message I read this morning & started my day off pretty nicely!

    And, oh, I think it IS true. I am writing a teeny liitle poem book about it!

    :) Debi


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