“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Pod People: December Views #1

Two are waving - can you see that?
With those little Hobbit looking caps?

I think the center one is laughing, head thrown back,
he has just heard something incredibly incredibly funny!
Or no, maybe it's a mama pod,
leaning forward,
baby on her back.
Or perhaps it's a basket on her back,
about to be filled with Christmas goodies.

And the bottom one?
Oh, an ice skater, don't you think?
About to turn away from us, or spin,
or do whatever it is ice skaters do.
He is gliding fast,
or maybe she is,
and joy is the music playing in the background.

Such happiness on this little tree.
I shall keep an eye on it.

(December Views? Look here!)


  1. Hmmm...I think I am seeing the same ice skater as you? Two big eyes, hair straight up (maybe he is coming down and landing after doing a giant leap), two arms reaching the sky as the skater glides straight for the camera?

    How wonderful Debi..the things you see.

  2. Hobbit caps...magic! I just love your sense of whimsy here...:)


  3. I see the wave and I wave back, hee hee, delightful!

  4. what a beautiful combination of words and images! yes--the bottom one is definitely a skater.

    and speaking of tolkeinesque things, if you like, check out my entish tree...

  5. gosh, these are amazing!
    love these little fellas :)

  6. You are an inspiration to me :) I love to see your world through your eyes!

  7. twirl, sparkle, spin, swoooossshh! yes! yes! i think it is a she ice skater...on a river, a joni mitchell river. you are so delightful! i imagine that to anyone who might be watching my face looks all lit up when i am reading one of your posts:) i looked carefully at each one of your pod people and i saw every hobbit and laughing, basket carrying momma that you saw!!

  8. You find beauty, art, and story in everything. I love that about you. Like Robin, I saw everything you saw. But, only because you caught it first. Thank you for teaching me to see.

  9. are we sure the tree should be getting ready to bloom this time of year? the global warming is madness..i saw a rhododendron in bloom the other day..at the end of november! it must think it's may! great pix tho', even if the tree might be a bit confused...

  10. Jaime - That's the one. Doesn't he/she look happy?

    Celeste - They are just so cute!

    Suvarna - I waved too! :)

    Square Peg - I looked & your tree does look Entish. I'm going to pay you another, longer visit!

    Polona - Aren't they just wonderful? A whole tree populated by these little folks!

    Dreamer Girl - Thank you!

    Valaine - Thank you too!

    Robin - A Joni Mitchell river??!! I LOVE that!

    Relyn - I point it out, but still not everyone sees it! You have to still have that little childlike something in you, don't you think? Aren't you glad you still have it? Doesn't it make things fun?

    Julie - Well, this won't surprise you - LOL! - but I am not a big believer in global warming stuff! :) It hasn't been that warm here, and I think the tree does this every year at this time. This is NE Texas & sometimes we just plain get out & out plant weirdness. But now I'm concerned & will check it out!

    Thanks to all!
    :) Debi


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