“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Lily & the Emma Tree

Looks like trouble.

I managed to finally get Miss Emma Tree decked out for Christmas & walked in on this little tableau when I showed up this morning. :)

I am busy, busy, busy this week - printing Christmas cards & pictures for everyone but me. I may send out New Year's cards to family & friends this season. And while I would like to pretend that I can make it through this month by posting only pictures - a wonderful, wonderful idea (see Darlene's December Views here & Jaime here), I know I cannot. But this week?


With maybe a word or two here and there.
thank God for Eileen Ivers or I would be stark raving mad!


  1. My photos have become more important to me as I've continued blogging. Never thought that would happen. I thought it was all about the words... But I love my time strolling the yard with a camera looped around my neck. I appreciate your photos! You have a beautiful way with words, though.

  2. I too am stymied where the photos are concerned, I still don't have a camera and am sad

  3. Speaking of pictures, this one tells quite a story! Made me laugh out loud. Definitely looks like trouble brewing...so much so that she can't even look at you. The guilt is just too much to bear.

    So cute.

  4. A beautiful blue backdrop for the trouble to come!

    You are energized for the holidays. Wish I'd made that much progress.

  5. I just LOVE that color! Periwinkle is one of my all time favorite colors. Lily looks ornery...gotta watch that one!

  6. Look at your sweet little Lily...Do you want to know something? I have a kitty named Lily with similar markings...well...she doesn't have any orange on her...but the whites are close...:) I'll have to post a pic...

    Oh, and I love your decorating style!


  7. Oh, such a cute kitty! looking a little too intrigued though, yikes! Beautiful tree, I especially love the bird, possibly the source of your felines curiosity?

  8. this image tickled me no end! and it is quite compositionally pleasing as well! i hope we see more of the emma tree! i love the emma tree!!

    yes...i'm with you.. i would like to do the december views but i swear i could not keep my mouth shut for 30 days no matter how hard i tried!
    p.s. next year lets have a save-your-friend from-being-late-for-everything-christmas pact. if i would have made my christmas cards when you first brought it up in august i would have them right now. but i didn't and i don't ever get it done in time but i want to... next year. are you in? maybe you don't need help but i do and i am tagging you as my helper if you are willing. i know there is still time isn't there.. maybe i could still...

  9. Brenda - Thank you. I lasted 2 days - already back to words. LOL!

    Michelle - I have had times with no camera. The one I'm using now is the only one I have that hasn't been stolen. When I wasn't blogging, it felt okay, but when I lost one after beginning this blog, I felt sad & naked. Now that's not a pretty picture!

    San - Oh no. No energy. I just faked it. :) Still haven't bought one gift or made one card.

    Christy - I love this color too. If we didn't have so many windows, I'd never get away with using it.

    Celeste - Is your Lily a biter? a troublemaker? For, as Christy noticed, this Lily is ornery. But also sweet as pie.

    Suvarna - I too wondered if it was that bird. But the tree is full of birds, so I don't know. Last year I had little tinkling bells attached - that truly got her attention! LOL!

    Jaime - This picture really does say all that needs to be said. I'm not sure how guilty she felt though - I think she was plotting her next move! :)

    Robin - YES! I am in! Where did this year go? We will have to have a 10 step plan - you're good at that - and we will have to have rules & meetings & everything. I'm liking this idea already!

    :) Debi


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