“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


December Views #5 + a secret revealed

At last I can reveal a secret!

Click right here & see what's coming.
I cannot stop smiling
that makes the rest of this long week quite bearable!



  1. How fabulous is that???????
    Good for you.
    I will run out and buy a copy when it comes out.

  2. Michelle - It's wonderful and exciting!!!! PLUS someone else you know will be featured - I'm gonna let her break the news to everyone her ownself!

    Thank you so much!
    Your support & kind words & friendship has helped keep me going!

    :) Debi

  3. How wonderful for us and you! I can't wait to get one of the issues!

  4. How wonderful! I hope I can find it here, can't wait to get a copy! Congratulations. This heart ornament is so exquisite. I adore your dreamy style. :-)

  5. how exciting for you!! i will definitely be buying a copy of this
    I don't know how i've been missing your blog - i must add you to my list so i don't any longer : )
    i too have a weakness for hearts. your work is beautiful

  6. .... and now the whole world will see what a fantastic artist you are and will come here to meet you up close and personal! isn't that simply grand!!!
    XOXOXOXOX kiss kiss hug hug!!

  7. Brenda - How sweet of you! :)

    Suvarna - Thank you! I also love that ornament & wish I'd bought more! LOL!

    Spread Your Wings - It is exciting! Thank you so much!

    Robin - Wink, wink!

    :) Debi

  8. Yay!!!!!
    Hey, that's the picture I bought from you in there! I get so many compliments on that. It hangs on my dining room wall o'art.
    I'm doing the 'Snoopy Dance' now...
    Oh, I was so excited I almost forgot to wish you a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. this is so thrilling...congratulations and ENJOY THE RIDE!


    That is so fabulous. Like the best dream coming true. I am so very happy for you!! So excited I feel giddy. I may have to mail you my copy and get you to sign it. Like the fan that I am. Way to go, my friend.

  11. Oh yeah!!!!! I'm clapping my hands in excitement for you!! Fantastic!!! You must be so very proud of yourself...:)


  12. how exciting!! big, big congratulations to you for being included! did they find you thru etsy? :-) it's like an early christmas present, isn't it?

  13. Like every other shining soul here, I am so so happy and excited for you!!!!! It is about time more of the world sees the magic you spin on this beautiful blog of yours. They did a wonderful job on the layout, from what I can see. Some of my favourite pictures are there. How do I get my hands on a copy?
    Big big hugs go out to you today :):)

  14. Paula - I knew you'd be happy to see those little cardinals! Thank you!

    Deb - It's such a fun ride. Not too many tummy shakings, although every once in a while, I do feel butterflies! :)

    Relyn - You silly girl! :) But many, many thanks!

    Celeste - I'm pretty excited myself, but really, I'm very afraid they'll decide they've made a mistake & take me out at the last moment! It's a little overwhelming!

    Julie - It is a wonderful early Christmas present! Thank you!

    Jaime - And thank you! The article looks wonderful.. I've seen it on the computer, but I cannot imagine how it will feel to go into a bookstore & see it there! I can't wait! You should be able to get it where you are, but you can also order it via the link in the post. The ever wonderful Michael ordered zillions of copies to give to his friends! Isn't that sweet?

    Thank you to you all. I am still quite amazed at this & all of the kindnesses & good words & advice & support freely given from y'all makes it even possible.

    Is kindnesses a real word? Perhaps I'll have to add that to Julochka's new Balderdash blog.

    And PS - Be prepared to be thrilled for someone else you all know, who's in this same issue.

    :) Debi

  15. Wonderful, you deserve it! Congratulations.

  16. Eilandkind - You are indeed kind. :)

    Thank you!


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