“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Blue Night

Yes. More blue.

Last night I stood under these lights, which wind their way up the handrails of a spiral staircase,
arm in arm with the vines which also call these rails home.
It was past 11 & the moon was still close to full,
partially hidden behind clouds
bringing in today's mistiness & cold drizzles,
and I was enchanted.
It was another world.
The air was slightly warm, the wind outlining a cooler blueness,
a promise of today's cold air;
the lights dressing the holiday leaves.

What fun the creatures of the night must have during these times. Are the raccoons having parties on the stairs, bringing gifts tied with silvered leaf stems; are the opossums invited? The owls? The rats? Do they put aside their differences for a few hours & celebrate the coming of a New Year? Are toasts drunk from acorn caps filled with wine made from berries & honeysuckle? Do they post a sentinel to watch for the cats (who would surely never deign to attend)? I'm sure I've heard a warning signal in the wee hours of the morning and a scurry of feet back into hidey-holes. Do the squirrels break their routines & stay up late and join them? Oh, I hope so - I hope they are friends for a bit, I hope they have warm cozy homes to toddle off to, whispers & wishes to tell each as they nod into sleep. I wish them a Merry Christmas too.


  1. What a lovely blue fairy tale you've woven. I love the image of those lights and can almost see those woodland creatures enjoying their libations from acorn caps!

  2. Oh, before I go home, I must tell you my libation story. The ever-wonderful Michael's son once had a party for which I designed the invitations. Among the list of all the wonderful things to be had/found at said party was the word libations. Which confused quite a few people, who had never heard of such a thing. Libations, says they? What that? And so, unable to resist, the ever-wonderful Michael insisted I design a t-shirt with the image of a drink & a short, sweet definition of the word libations below. I did & we printed up several shirts for the party, which annoyed one person in particular quite a bit, she having not known the word. She did, however, understand the snideness of the wearing of the t-shirts. I still have that design in my computer. You just never know when we may need more shirts.

    :) Debi

  3. Love this picture. The cold air is heading your way. It is already brutal here, I think the high today was 8 and we are expecting snow later tonight, yeah. At least I will have an excuse not to go anywhere though. Everyone have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. I love words like "libations"! We Amercians tend to limit ourselves to the word menu that avails us. Your lovely story here has a great lesson in it for all of us that are a part of the human race. We have so much to learn.
    In the meantime, as I write this, snow has been coming down steadily for the past few hours and the streets and the yard have become a magical place indeed!

  5. m a g i c

    your fairy tale is utterly

  6. Christy - The cold is here & some icing, but not much. Possibly more tonight, but I'm hoping not! :)

    Paula - Yes, we thought it very revealing that people didn't know the definiton of libations. And pretty funny too.
    Are you going to have a White Christmas?

    Maddie - I live in the hope that these little fairy tales are really true. It makes the world just seem much happier.

    :) Debi

  7. Libations..I like that.
    Sorry but one acorn cap would clearly not be enough for me!
    Enjoy your snow????
    We are getting ours tonight. And friday...and again possibly on sunday....

  8. :):)...I can just see all those little critters whooping it up...but quietly...

    I hope they have a Merry Christmas too!


  9. stunning! your story is pure magic too, please more blue!

  10. Oh! I just figured it out! The hidden words! I guess I never tried hard enough before. I feel like a new window into your blog has opened up :)

    This is the most wonderful story. Love love love the idea of acorn caps filled with wine made from berries and honeysuckle...how I wish I could join them!

    So love this post.

  11. Michelle - No snow, but the fog is pretty unbelievable. 3 days now. Temperature wise? Today I don't need socks! :)

    Celeste - I know they're having a good time - I see the evidence in the mornings! LOL!

    Suvarna - Never fear. More blue is forthcoming! And thank you for the request!

    Jaime - !!! :) So glad you figured it out! I'm sure you expected something deep & meaningful, only to find silly words!

    :) Debi


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