“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


My mouth is closed, but my eyes still see

I was going to save this image for Valentine's Day, but why wait?

I have no other words for today; my words were used up yesterday, and then deleted. Some of you read them, some of you will understand why I am speaking of only flowers today. Some of you will understand my need, my desire, to be accepted as an artist and writer and stay true to who I am. Some of you will also understand why that seems impossible. Some of you will understand that it is difficult to be honest, and above all, I am honest. I am also a questioner, I want to see the details, I want truth.

And so these flowers. They are what they are. Pretty. Pink. Nothing more, no pretense that they are something else. Today I embrace that which is honest, which doesn't pretend. I embrace the truth about myself and about others. My eyes are open to that truth, but my mouth will remain closed.
carol - this is for you; may you find honesty


  1. There is a red version of the very same flower. It is called a bleeding heart.
    It is a very profound moment in our lives when we can fully embrace the concept of "I am."
    I wish I had seen the post that you did beore you deleted it!

  2. How very appropriate. I had no idea. The Universe just puts its arms out & says look here, take a breath, sit down, let me show you something. It moves in mysterious ways.

    And oh - those other words. I was angry. I am thankful not many saw it.


  3. I can understand why you wouldn't want anyone to read your angry words, but I bet that, like everything else you write, they were profound.

    Peace, Love and Common Grounds,

  4. Rhonda - I'm so glad to see you here! :) I don't know if they were profound, but they were nice, as angry & hurt as I was. I just decided I was not gonna let someone else control me in that way, and deleted them. Trust me, it was the right thing to do!

    And I think you just missed the Lyle Lovett video. I put up Rodney Crowell last night because I always loved this song & he looks pretty cute. I'm thinking Joe Ely may be next. :)

    Thanks again for stopping by!
    See you over at KW's place.

    Love, Debi

  5. I too wish I had been here to read your words...I am always interested in what you have to say, no matter what you are feeling.
    So I will hug you and hope that the clouds have passed.


  6. Jaime - Oh, no. I was angry at not being allowed to be me, at not being allowed to be honest. It is not my problem, but it's frustrating. Ah well, such is life - I am better off stepping away from such folks. And I have. All is well. Thank you for your kindness!

    :) Debi


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