“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The most wonderful birthday ever

It was a bag of miracles.

It was the first of birthday goodies & surprises, from Lulu, and it contained tin milagros of all kinds & little skull beads & when I opened it, I felt the magic come out, come out from all the places it had been hiding all week - from dusty corners and from under the bed, from behind mirrors & inside the pages of books. If I'd been paying any attention, I would've seen those teeny, almost invisible footprints magic leaves behind when it hides; it really wants you to find it & leaves all kinds of clues, and I'm sure it must just sit there & shake its little magical head (which no doubt sounds like soft silver bells in a summer breeze & if you were really listening, you'd hear that bit of music) when you pass by & don't notice it crouched there, just waiting for you to lean over & scoop it up into your open palm. But Friday evening its curiosity just could not be contained & so it crept out of all those hidey-holes & joined me on the bed, and ooohed & aaahed right along with me. There were, as I said, heart milagros & eye milagros - my very, very favorite, because I am all about seeing & looking - & car milagros & belly milagros, and even airplane milagros. There were art things & a little St. Otto - The Patron Saint of Parking - to put in my car, although I really don't need that because I have terrific parking karma. I am also a wonderfully decisive parker. I see a spot, I park - I don't drive around & around the parking lot, looking & waiting for someone to leave so I can whush in & grab their place; I don't care, I just park. Maybe St. Otto has been with me all along. And isn't the bag really just a terrific bag? And Lulu really did see a ghost riding a bicycle, and the bicycle made no noise whatsoever, so I guess it was a ghost too.

And then it was birthday supper time, and it was the best steak ever - ever! - and I didn't need, or even want, steak sauce because it was truly incredible & melt-in-your-mouth wonderful, with sauteed spinach on the side, and Michael, who has never liked spinach, says he may have to rethink that. And then home to a quiet warm house with a new book, and a new CD that I'd ordered for myself, but which just magically, unexpectedly arrived on my birthday, and I could just feel all those little swirls of magic & miracles in the air, like little fingers rubbing the back of my neck & my shoulders and my toes & I just drifted off to sleep. . .

. . . to wake up on my birthday to find the lovely lovely lovely Katie at my door with a package wrapped in paper spun from pearls all tied up with a velvet ribbon. It contained time itself.

Magic dropped in at unexpected times all day. There was an antique print of Sir Galahad with a White Horse from my brother (which looks exactly like Michael, who was, after all, a knight on Halloween) & another meal - Mexican this time - & a necklace with tiny rubies from Lyndi-Linda who truly truly didn't have to & a macro lens from the ever-wonderful Michael & money from my mother, who has given up even trying to buy me anything, but the day also brought such love. Such joy & childlike happiness. It was absolutely my most wonderful birthday as an adult, and I swear at this very moment - this very moment, while I was typing these words - another box showed up, this one from Christy, full of red leaves from Kansas & a beautiful blue container, inside of which was nestled blue tissue paper, wrapped around bracelets of blue & pale green & lavender & turquoise - yes, yes, thank you!! - & even more love & friendship, and I may cry.

There have been emails & happy birthdays from so many of you, and I cannot say thank you enough. But thank you. I have birthday cards sitting around my house like Christmas cards in December, and a cat drawn by Emma. I just look at them & feel the magic floating around me.

And tonight? A massage. :)
cherish is the word I use to describe


  1. Happy Birthday! I haven't dropped by in awhile, but glad I did today. My birthday is in November, too - guess we're both Scorpios - which I don't believe in. But my mother in law does and she can talk to you for a little bit and then tell you what your horoscope sign is! Have a good one! Vickie

  2. Vickie - You too! Us Scorpios are trouble! :)

  3. I am so glad that you liked your gifts! And I'm even happier that you had a fantastic, wonderful birthday! Love you sweetie!

  4. I thought of you all weekend; especially on Saturday. Silently wondering and hoping that it would be an extraordinary day even though you said you had nothing (special)planned. And to hear of all the magic that fell forth! Ahhh! Truly wonderful. Truly special.
    But, y'know, the magic isn't over yet! ; )

  5. Christy - An email on its way to you later. We are snowed under! But for now - thank, thank you, thank you. I loved it all!

    Paula- !! Now you have my curiosity up. :)

    Love, Debi

  6. Oh, what a lovely birthday you had! :) Sorry today is so wet and wild...


  7. Celeste - It really was quite wonderful, and today's storm has passed on by, so all is well. Thanks so much for checking in.

    :) Debi

  8. awwwwww sweet birthday girl. a happy happy birthday week to you dear friend. you know how love you :) so many people love you! but most important of all is how you see the passing of the years and the ones yet to come. that is what makes you so unique and wonderful.

    i joined rachel at work today so i could have a little on-line time to visit without the pressure of connection issues. i will be back from chicago late next week soon and will catch up soon after.

    cherish is the word I use to describe......
    how i feel about you ;)

  9. What a wonderful day you had, brimming with such abundance of love and magic and sweet little gifts.

    And a macro lens!! (its my favourite of all favourite lenses)...can't wait to see what new magic you find and share with us here.

    Happy birthday (a little belated, I'm so sorry)!!!!!
    Love you

  10. Happy, happy, happiest of days.

    Perfect, wonderful, magical post.

    My wishes arrive late, but full of sincerity.

    Happy birthday to you, dear one. May your year be full of joy, giggles, deep belly laughs, dancing, happy surprises, and balloons.

  11. Robin - I'm glad you got through. I can't wait for you to get back home! Take care! And thank you for the birthday week happiness! (Lots of exclamation points!)

    Jaime - Many thanks to you too. And that macro lens! I have discovered that most of the stuff I'd like to shoot close-up are outide! And it's been chilly & rainy & it's dark when I get off work and my goodness, what a lot of excuses! But I am thrilled to have it - we will see what I do with it!

    Relyn - Oh, thank you too! I hope my year is full of all you described! How wonderful that would be!

    :) Debi


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