“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A very ordinary day

This has nothing to do with anything.

Or perhaps it does - let's see where this ramble takes me. If you get up early enough at my house & get outside & look up the street to the east, you get to see this little piece of loveliness. And if you have enough energy that early, you can take the few steps back to your car, get your camera, retrace those few steps & take a few images. When a squirrel runs through the water, you'll wish you'd managed to get that image, but oh well, never mind, you got to see it. Then when you upload the images into your computer, you'll choose the one you like best - of course, it's the first one, the way you first saw it, the vision that inspired you enough to go back & get your camera. And then, for some reason unknown to even yourself, you will proceed to remove some of the color.

It will look like this:

You will realize as you're doing this, that you do this a lot. You like removing some of the color. And then, if you're like me, you'll start wondering about that, you'll start thinking way too much about yourself & your motives & what is up with you. But you'll go on with your day, and what a very ordinary day it is - poor Maggie will be taken to the vet & will yowl at you from the cat carrier on the way there, but will stand in your lap & look out the side window on the way home, you will pick up your allergy prescription from the pharmacy, you'll fill up the Jeep's gas tank, noticing that gas is now down to $3.23 per gallon. You will, on the spur of the moment, decide to drive to a small town about 30 miles away, and go antiquing. A very ordinary day. The sun is shining, the temperature is in the low 80s - it could not be more pleasant. You will listen to Diana Krall as you drive, and you will try your best to be in the moment, but at this you will fail. Because you're still wondering about that removing the color thing.

When you get to the the antique stores, you'll realize you don't even really want to be there. And you'll realize this is happening more & more lately. You'll wonder about that - is it just that you don't need any more stuff, is it that the stores don't have anything you really like, is it because you think you should be out & about, even if sitting on the couch & watching a movie seems just fine? And then you'll wonder about that - is that about avoiding making art? Maybe yes, you'll admit. But maybe not. Maybe you just wanted to drive - to get away for a bit. Maybe it's nothing deeper than that. And you'll end up not buying anything, and when you get back to town, you'll be hungry. It's a very ordinary day. And because you eat out every day of the week, you'll sigh at the thought that you have to once again choose a place to eat, because nothing sounds great, but nothing sounds bad either, and when you pass the place that sells gingerbread pigs, you'll wish you'd stopped & just bought a bag of those. But you won't - you'll eventually settle for Schlotzky's & you'll order a small Fiesta Chicken sandwich, but you'll leave off the cheese, onions & chipotle sauce, and it will occur to you that that's similar to removing some of the color in your photographs. You'll order a bag of jalapeno chips to put a little color back in.

You'll remember that you're out of paper towels at home, so when you're through eating & reading the Dallas Morning News, you'll head over to Target because they have the best deal on paper towels & you like the store anyway, and before you get out, you'll spend $116 - including a new shampoo & conditioner, for which you will have spent quadruple what you normally spend for those 2 items, but you're still thinking about that removing the color thing, and you figure you're worth it, and besides, you don't really believe the economy is as horrible as the news media is saying it is. You'll still be pondering that color thing, but by now - finally! - you're not as self absorbed as you have been all day, and because you've seen Halloween stuff for sale, you'll remember that you're supposed to be helping a friend think of horror movie trivia for a Halloween party. The day could not be more ordinary.

You will run into your cousin at Target - she's sitting in the deli area with a friend, looking like some Persian/Indian princess with big brown eyes. She will admit to you that she was in the very same place last night - what an exciting life I lead, she will laugh - this cousin who has suffered much in the last 2 or 3 years; losing a husband & mother here in Texas, and a future son-in-law in Iraq, this cousin who will cry if she reads this. She & her friend will tell you about last night's false fire alarm at Target, how people lined up to pay for their items when firetrucks pulled up outside. Her friend will tell you how your cousin thought it was the perfect time to do more shopping - the aisles were empty & she needed Pledge - and your cousin will defend this by saying she saw no smoke. And while you're thinking about the fact that the color is still in her life, she will tell you about the chore of choosing something to eat last night, because nothing sounded great, but nothing sounded bad either. When she spied a fly buzzing about the menu sign, she decided to let the fly decide for her - where he landed on the menu would be her supper. It was a sign, she said. You will realize how very much kin to her you are. When you ask where the fly landed, she will tell you "popcorn" - she had popcorn for supper. Me too, you'll think, but you won't say anything.

A very ordinary day.


  1. Those kind of days are good... allowing the spirit to just take you through the day :-)

  2. Carol- And allowing the spirit to show me how un-ordinary an ordinary day can be.

    :) Debi

  3. The thought I had at the end of this post is
    I would like to have her as a friend.

  4. Aren't most days like this one? A very ordinary day?
    I love the rambling you did and the journey that I got to go on with you!
    But, what is it about removing the color?? I do like theone with untweaked color.
    And for me, it's the first shot that gets me to go back in to get my camera (like I did to take a picture of a dragonfly that seemed to be asking me to take his picture). It was the last shot, the one that I wouldn't have THOUGHT of taking, but I keep shooting and getting in closer and doing different angles. You can do that guilt free with digital SLR (thank goodness). It's often the last shot for me.
    I wonder what's with that?
    But, yes, an ordinary day. The dragonfly and then the owl later on tonight.
    I feel quite lucky.

  5. How very evocative the post is.

    Having to decide all the time can fatigue the most active mind every once in a while, so if there's a sign you want to go by then you will let it decide for you.

    Just so the mind has one less thing to think about.

  6. I love the way your mind works. I love the way you share it with us. No ordinary day is ordinary through your eyes my beautiful artist friend.

    I was completely immersed in every word of this story, but my favourite part is how you linked the removing of your sandwich *stuff* to the removing of color. I love the way your mind works.


  7. Okay...I am absolutely in love with this post...It just seems so authentically you...:)

    Thanks for making me smile.


  8. Michelle - You would. She is FUNNY!

    Paula - I like dusty hues. Blues. It matched my blog better. So silly! :)

    Anil - Thank you. Yes, it's exhausting having to decide all the time. Too many choices.

    Jaime - Thank YOU. Sometimes Michael just looks at me & rolls his eyes, cause he KNOWS what's going on in my poor little brain! :)

    Celeste - How kind. I am trying to really, really not worry about others think & really really just be me. It's getting easier. Sometimes it's embarrassing!! :)

    Thank you all!

  9. I like your ordinary day. Of course, it isn't ordinary at all. Thanks to your storytelling skill.

  10. Ah! OK, now it makes sense...the blue.
    I shouldn't post comments late at night like i am now. No one can hear my tone of voice and now that I read what I wrote, it doesn't sound how I meant it! My thoughts go night walking on me.
    Yes, ditto on what Jaime said as that is what my response was too.
    bedtime for this bonzo! : )

  11. Relyn - Thank you so much. It felt so un-ordinary after I began to tell it.

    Paula - yes, I admit to being just a bit neurotic about the blue thing! :) Or at least the "will it look good with my banner?" thing. Nothing goofy about ME! LOL!

    :) Debi

  12. "and it will occur to you that that's similar to removing some of the color in your photographs. You'll order a bag of jalapeno chips to put a little color back in."
    you see that sentence above? this is why i come here. not one other person i know would think such a thing and then write it. i love you for this statement. that one right up there :) it made me laugh out loud :)

    but i haven't finished reading he post so i have to go back and do that. hold on a minute..

    oh. it continues to be just as good for the rest of the post. girl you are a blogging star! and such a compassionate soul. XO

  13. Robin - You are so sweet. Of course I also love jalapenos, so it was an easy way to add a little color!

    :) Debi


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