“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The oddest little thing

I hope you can see this.

I hope it will enlarge enough when you click on the image so that you can see what I'm talking about. If it doesn't, I'll just delete the post, but then you wouldn't be reading this, so why I am even mentioning it?

But here's the deal. 3 or 4 weeks ago I was walking around in one of my neighbor's flowerbeds & I saw these leaves laying there all sweet & golden & I remember it made me think of Lord of the Rings for some reason and I really liked them - the leaves I mean, not the Lords, although actually I really liked the Lords also - and I figured I could do something with this image when I needed a little digital therapy. So today I did. Need a little digital therapy, that is. So I called up the image & started looking around in it, seeing what shapes were there & mulling over possibilities when I noticed this little area that I've circled in the above image. My first thought was "Oh my God, it's a thumb"! But it's obviously not a thumb, unless it's a teeny little thumb with a star on it, but now of course, I have to go back over to that flowerbed, and try to remember just exactly where these leaves were laying & I have to find this thing. Because what is it? I have to know. Of course, the odds are that I won't find it & that I won't ever know, but it isn't it strange & odd & wonderful?

Oh, I hope this enlarges enough for you to see.
remember thumbelina dolls?


  1. i laughed out loud at the thumb :) that is something i would see too. i bet you can find it. i bet you will spend as much time as is needed to do that. i hope you aren't disappointed or anything when you find out it is the arm of a thumbelina doll holding a star or something like that....the image is stunning. right up my alley. so you decreased the saturation or toned it or what? i like it thumb with a star and all :) a mystery to be solved...

    p.s. i can see it perfect.

  2. Its a special gift from the goddess, a cookie shaped like your name sprinkled with stars.

    Its makes me all happy to think about it.

  3. it looks like an ear to me. eep!

  4. Robin - Well, I looked today, but it's rained quite a bit & everything was pretty yucky & our "nosy neighbor" ws hanging around, driving me nuts, so I finally gave up. I'll check more when it's dry.

    The image is actually pretty straight out of the camera. Auto corrections & I think that was it.

    Hele - I LIKE that!! Now I really have to find it! :)

    Bridgette - It DOES kind of look like an ear! When I was poking around today, I was almost afraid of what I might find!! LOL!

    :) Debi

  5. Maybe just some sort of mushroom? Can't wait to see if you find it.

  6. Yeh, it looked like an ear to me too! It reminds me of something from a child's science kit of anatomy where the person can be disassembled for the sake of the lesson.

  7. You guys are so funny with your body parts. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like little shoes. Maybe little faerie shoes because of their tiny size, and that star. And also because the photo in the post above this one enchanted me so much and made me think of faeries.

    Do I need to get my head out of faerie tales? I don't want to.

  8. I'm trying to see it! Why do I keep thinking it's an ear? Or a little broken piece of a flowerpot?

    No, I think it's an ear. Definitely an ear. If you go back, watch for ear bandits.

  9. Margo - It has a star on it, so if it's a mushroom, I definitely want a bite! I believe I would end up somewhere down a rabbit hole!

    Paula & Tango - A friend here in town thought it looked like an ear also. Hmmmmm . . .

    Jaime - I have to admit, my very 2nd thought was that it looked like little shoes. And we know there are little fairies running around these parts at night, so that's a big possibility!

    :) Debi

  10. What fun to read what everybody thinks it is! I like the faerie shoes thought. Much more magical than ears!! Perhaps the wood nymphs stole them from the faeries and hid them!

  11. a baby squirrel? too young for hair? let the mystery boggle us all...


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