“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Bad karma & rain

It rained again last night.

A car wrecked outside my front door, across the street, sliding across the dark, rain-slick brick street, jumping the curb & hitting the telephone pole at the foot of Mary's driveway. Bad karma for the intoxicated, no-licensed driver - Natalie lives next door. She's a law enforcement gal, and was on him like a duck on a June bug, never mind that he was double her size. She found a sawed off shotgun in his car. Double bad karma for this guy. But he was okay, if you consider the fact that his car was wrecked & he was arrested & all. Maggie & I nestled back down on the couch & watched the red & blue lights from the police cars & SUVs flicker on & off against the rain drops on the glass door; when the tow truck showed up it added a green light & yellow light to the mix. It was pretty mesmerizing & put me right to sleep.

This morning I took images of the rain.

Into the mystic.


  1. Yikes!! Glad everyone was ok

  2. Oh, I've been sadly negligent visiting my favorite blogs...

    I'm not sure that guy would consider himself lucky...but I think you're right...:)

    And I love that gorgeous rain dripped photo...divine!


  3. Oh, that photo is luscious. There's something about water drops that is so so lovely.

    Rain is lovely. Rain is my favorite weather. And then fog.

  4. Good gosh! But your photo is Gorgeous!

  5. in your texas neighborhood even traffic violations become block buster movie material... i can see you both sitting on that sunken couch.. staring at the rain blinking red, blue, yellow,green,red, blue, yellow, green. i am getting sleepy...

    "This morning I took images of the rain."

    we hope to see them soon.. if there are more i mean.

  6. "Duck on a June bug"??? I love it! I've never heard that one growing up on Molokai! : )
    The image you have is wonderful and now I'm even more cognizant of the "blue" you do.
    BTW, that plant is called "Heavenly Bamboo" and as you know, those berries turn a lovely red in a month or so.

  7. Oh. I love the rain. One day we are going to build our dream house. When we do, my back porch is going to have a tin roof and a napping couch. Just for the rain.

  8. Oh, if you all only knew how close I came to deleting this post! I decided the photo was just not working, I decided it was a stupid incident to talk about - even though it turned out the guy had outstanding warrants for other felonies, or had committed other felonies or something to do with other felonies: I'm not really sure. I actually cried when I saw your wonderful comments. Truly.
    So to -

    Carol - Yes! Thank goodness. Even the phone pole is okay! :)

    Celeste - The guy was unlucky, but it looks like he made his own luck. And than you for liking this rainy picture!

    Tango - It is luscious looking, I must admit, even though I agonized over it.

    Sandra - Welcome! And thank you! I needed to hear encouraging words this morning! :)

    Robin - My ex neighbor - Resi - who now lives in Oklahoma, after spending time in France & Germany & Indonesia - says she misses our neighborhood, because there always seemed to be something happening. She was there when I saw the swooping owl.

    Paula - That's a very Southern expression. I believe Scarlet O'Hara said it all the time! LOL!
    And no, I didn't know that's what these plants were, but you're right - some are already turning red. I love the name.

    Relyn - Oh! That sounds heavenly! How wonderful that will be!

    Thank you all more than you know!!!
    I needed this this morning!

    :) Love, Debi

  9. This is what happens when I post so late...the things I want to say have already been said! But I will say what was in my heart anyway, before I read the other lovely comments.

    I am on to YOU like a duck on a June bug! Can't get enough of your writings. ( I so adore that little expression...never heard it before!!!)
    And the rain drops on these sweet little berries...they look so heavy don't they? There is a lot of emotion in this image...I feel it deep inside.


  10. Like a duck on a Junebug is such a common Southern expression that I cannot believe everyone doesn't know it. Isn't that funny?

    UPDATE on the guy in the wreck: he had an ounce of meth in the car & was Xanaxed out - not alchohol. Thank goodness none of our cats were crossing the street at that time. !!


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