“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


I hope it's Russell Crowe

Or Gerard Butler.
Or Johnny Depp.


  1. Oh! So you have to register for them...I was wondering how you got ahold of one. : )

  2. Um, okay. Do we get to pick our own? I choose Errol Flynn.

  3. oh that christy has a good sense of humor! i think it is ...ummm...let's see... god i love Russell Crow in Master and Commander don't you?

    how about Johnny Depp!

  4. I'd have to go with Gerard Butler too... damn that man is HOT!

  5. Christy - All this time, that's how easy it was. But apparently you have to be on Hwy 64 (I think) headed into Chapel Hill, TX. I guess that's where they keep them!

    Tango - Oooohh, Yes! Errol Flynn! I LOVE Captain Blood. Another oldie I need to track down. And Basil Rathbone was pretty cool in that movie also.

    Robin - I pretty much love Russell Crowe in anything. I really loved him in LA Confidential, even though he was mean. It just broke his heart when Kim Basinger cheated on him, and that just broke my heart. And oh yes - you got it. Johnny Depp. It was either him or Hugh Grant. :)

    Carol - Gerard Butler. Nuff said. Although you should've heard the things the lovely Katie & I were saying about him as we watched him yesterday (again) in one of those Lara Croft movies!

    San - And Sam Shepard! Yes. Lots of good ones out there.

    :) Debi

  6. Captain Blood, Charge of the Light Brigade, Robin Hood, yeah baby!

    And Basil Rathbone was equally fine but I really go for a rakish smile. (And they were both talented fencers and athletes. Yummy.)

    But I would definitely take a Russell Crowe if offered! With or without the Aussie accent.

  7. Oh. I'm pretty good with your choices. Of course, I have a secret Sam Elliot thing. I want him to whisk me off on his Harley to cabin in the middle of nowhere. When we're there, we'll sit in front of a roaring fire and he'll tell me hours of stories in that whiskey voice of his.

    The older Italian guy in Under the Tuscan Sun is pretty yummy, too.

  8. Relyn. Oh yeah. Sam Elliott. Did you ever see Off the Map? Terrific movie.

    And yes! That guy from Under the Tuscan Sun. Who is he? He is just wonderful!

    :) Debi

  9. I am SO with Robin on this one...Johnny Depp all the way.

    Isn't Off the Map incredible? Such a little known movie but so so wonderful. Had to buy that one in fact, and I don't do that very often.


  10. Jaime - Off the Map is wonderful. I very seldom buy movies either, but I'm thinking of buying Michael a copy as part of his Christmas delights. He can quote lines from it, and has only seen it once - that's how much he loved it! :)


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