“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The edges of things

What was I thinking?

I have no idea. When Hurricane Ike was threatening to wash this far inland, I cleaned out all the stuff that's under my bed, on the small chance my house should flood & I should have to deal with wet yucky things - I threw a bunch of it away, but kept some. One of the things I held onto was a hand-made portfolio from my college days, full of old drawings from that time & maybe a little later. (I was too poor to afford a real, cool portfolio, so the ever-wonderful Michael made me one; I was so impressed with his ingenuity & the way he could just figure out how to make something like that - I think it's part of the reason I'm still with him today - he can fix or make anything!). Today I finally opened it. This is one of the charcoal drawings I found inside. 22" x 30" or something like that. I have no idea what it is or what it even represents, but I love it. Isn't that funny? I remember a teacher telling me I was very edge-oriented, and it really shows here. I still am. I love the edges of things - I love where they blend into the background or into another item. I am so happy to see this. I am so happy that I like it. Still.

I wonder if I liked it back then.


  1. very cool, it kind of has a tortured Dr. Suess thing going.

  2. I don't know if you liked it back then, but I like it now.

  3. I'm not sure why, but it brings Salvador Dali to mind :-)

  4. Wow - I love this. I'ts kind of dark and slightly disturbing - in a cool, gothy kind of way!

  5. Very organic. I love the image! Too bad you don't remember what you were thinking, huh?
    When you used the word (from your art teacher), 'edgy' I thought it was in reference to outside of the norm. A few seconds later, I realized it was the literal use of the word!
    But, y'know, I think it's edgy either way!

  6. Michelle - Yes. VERY tortured. :)

    Relyn - Thanks. It's making me just laugh remembering school days.

    Carol - Maybe cause it's weird? A little scary? Tortured, like Michelle said? Hmmm . . .

    Raine - A perfect Halloween picture!

    Paula - I have NEVER been called edgy, unless I was in a bad mood - LOL! Now I'm feeling very cool!!

    :) Debi

  7. well you might have been on drugs you know? in college, going over those sloping and slipping curves with your pencil or charcoal. you could have gotten very immersed. it looks like you fell right on into that picture and then drew yourself some extended fingers in order to hold on so you didn't go completely over the edge.

    it's late here. i'm just saying...it could have been like that.

    it is a wonderfully exotic image.

  8. You are a lover of edges...I am a lover of shapes...the spaces within the edges.
    And I am LOVING this piece!!!!!


  9. I really like the free-form shapes...and your depth of shading...and yes, the edges. This piece just drew me right in...'organic' is definately the word. I hope you keep it out from under your bed...:)

    And having someone ingenious...and ever-wonderful in your life...what could better than that?

    Happy weekend!

  10. I love it. It's like if Escher had dreamed a piece of driftwood... or you.

    It's the shapes that keep you wondering. Very cool.

  11. What I love about this is that at first glance it looks photographic. I had to look a second time before I realized it was your drawing. I feel like I'm looking inside of one of your thought bubbles.

  12. Robin - You are hilarious!

    Jaime - Isn't Robin hilarious? And thank you so much!! :)

    Celeste - Well, back under my bed it may go, but I'm wondering about the feng-shui of that. And yes, he's a keeper!

    Tango - It may be an Escher dream. I have NO IDEA what the assignment was!

    Cookie - I like the idea of this being one of my thought bubbles - it is so in-and-out & crazy!!

    :) Debi


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