“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Company that Cannot - Part II

The story seems never ending.

This is a company who can send out such well-written  correspondence to their employees, who can say in so many beautiful, correctly spelled words how much they care.  This is a company that can use keys it shouldn't have to open doors from which it should stay away, a company who must do this,  but cannot do that.

This is a company which can leave gifts as a surprise - never mind that it further confuses her when she happens upon a purse filled with chocolates.  This is a company that cannot be bothered with those little details.  Tell her,  they say, we only mean the best,  and by the way, here are more papers for her to sign, and yes, we know  we agreed to not bother her, but just this one time - oh, and this one more time - and yes, yes,  they say, we know we should be contacting her daughter for this last little bit, but we cannot  wait.

This is a company which cannot remember her at all.

This is a company which shows such concern  when her caretaker is taken ill, and an ambulance must be called - take some time to recover,  they tell that caretaker, heal - but let us not forget that this a company who cannot.  A company full of cannots written on such lovely  stationery. This is the company which cannot remember to call a replacement for that caretaker - oh, they are so sorry!  they will say, when the caretaker checks in to make sure, but, they will say, do you think she will be okay alone?  Until we find someone?

Which they cannot.


  1. AAUUGHH! I can feel ou pulling your hair out from here

  2. There is nothing so frustrating as impotent fury. I wish I had magic wand to make it better, even just a little. Here's all I've got. Love. Sounds silly. Too trite. I know.


    Your love for Mary. Your neighbors' love for each other. That is all that makes this bearable. Love. Just love.

  3. It isn't right (what this company cannot do) and to say that it is frustrating to witness this neglect is more than an understatement. But,oh! Lucky Mary that she has you in her life! Perhaps you feel like it's not enough for Mary. I think Mary would think otherwise...

  4. The frustration continues with this heartless incompetent company! Why are these people in the business of taking care?!?!?!

    How I feel for Mary. And for you...someone who deeply cares about her. I too, wish there was something I could do.

    It is still Halloween...maybe we could conjure up a hideous little spell and cast it upon these robot-like people? A *humanizing* spell? Let me go get my big black pot.

  5. UUUUrrrgggghhh! I hear your frustration...it just sucks...seriously sucks. I hate empty...heartless apologies...

  6. To everyone - It is maddening. Maddening & heartbreaking!

    Thank you all. I am hoping Jaime's spell does the trick. :)

    Love, Debi

  7. My goodness! So reminds me of my Meals On Wheels clients I have grown so fond of. I was taught as a small girl growing up with my great-grandmother that, above all else, respect your elders. I try and do just that. In fact was weeding my neighbor's yard when I got the poison ivy two weeks ago. Shame on whomever you're speaking of. They will get their share of bad karma from me! You're such a gem for speaking out, and making her voice heard through yours.

  8. Brenda - They are a terrible company - just recently changed ownership & the new owners are just awful. The intials are C.K. - just want to help you visualize that bad karma!!

    :) Debi


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