“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Autumn's magic

I am busy.

These wet leaves tell the whole story. I am not sure words are necessary. As much as I hate raking leaves, I would love to have some time in which to do so. But I am busy, and luckily my leaf-raking days are gone - someone else's job now - but still. That time would be much appreciated.

I have been running for days. It is our busy season; I am up to my ears in pictures of children & paperwork & lists of unreturned phone calls & emails to be sent & orders to be entered into the computer & explanations & re-orders & complaints from parents who swear they ordered pictures but have no proof. I am in need of some magic. I am need of my muse - where is that little bird? Has she flown away to an even warmer climate? Is she hiding among those leaves in the front yard? Because, of course, that's where the magic is - I know that, truly I do, but lately I just can't find it.

Maybe I am trying too hard.

Last night I decided I would make an alphabetical list of magic items - cast a spell, change my life. I would start with A. Amethyst. That sounds magical, doesn't it? But the Alabama tomato I'd bought for my sandwich tasted quite magical, so maybe A stands for Alabama tomato, I thought. Then what? Could I go through the rest of the alphabet & list magical things that really exist for me? Right now? Could I use that list to include things about autumn, my busy season, my stressful season? Let's see.

Starting with B.
  • bonfires on the shore of the lake
  • church bells ringing across the cool evening air
  • dog-eared book pages marking my favorite spots
  • eating pecans picked up from the ground just 5 feet from my front door
  • feathers left in my yard as gifts - thank you little birds!
  • golden gusts of falling leaves
  • Halloween trees with orange lights & black ribbons
  • impractical birthday presents
  • jack-o-lanterns made by children
  • kitty-cat kisses
  • light from candles lit in the earlier-coming darkness
  • moonlight streaming through my bedroom windows
  • naked tree branches
  • October roses
  • pear pies baked from homegrown pears
  • quiet, quiet nights with no sound of air-conditioners
  • raccoons on tiptoe, peeping in my front door
  • star gazing from a hammock, wrapped in a blanket
  • tortilla soup served in white bowls - with lots of extra tortillas
  • unexpected afternoons of sunshine & alone-ness
  • vases of twigs & berries
  • wishes on stars & warm toes
  • x-tra dark chocolate w/lime
  • yoga stretches in front of a fire (soon, not yet)
  • zzzzzzzzzs

falling asleep to football games


  1. That's a magical list, Debi. Especially the pear pies and the hammock star-gazing. AAAAAAHHHHHH.

    I hope you have some time for such pursuits. Soon.

  2. San - Me too! Michael's mother makes the best pear pies!


  3. This list is magical. Magical and perfect and just what I needed this morning. I am going to have to try a pear pie now. It sounds delicious. Have a magical week - full of ZZZZZZZZZs.

  4. Relyn - zzzzzs are a priority right now. Everything stays messy, but I crawl into bed anyway & sleep the whole night through. :)

  5. Well, I think your yard says someone lives here with a life to lead! (your neighor clearly has too much time on hes/her hands!)

  6. Loving your magical alphabet this morning...:)

  7. Michelle - Actually they have more money & pay a landscaping company to do it for them. Plus, if I may say so, they have a teeny little pocket size yard - ours is WAY bigger. :)

    Celeste - Thank you again for the sweet words!

    :) Debi

  8. Oh I love this list of magic! Love it!!!!!!!!! Big huge smile across my face as I read.
    How can you not love fall, with all of this magical alchemy swirling around?

    Thank you :):):):)

  9. Jaime - I walked around the yard at lunchtime & picked up pretty leaves. I haven't done that since I was a child. I wouldn't be doing it now if it were not for this blog. I am so thankful to've discovered this little world, to have it teach me to open my eyes. I plan on saying so at our Thansgiving table.

    :) Debi

  10. oh this is a beyond sweet post dear friend. i am happy we will all be at your thanksgiving table!
    xo gosh that list makes me smile and nod my head :)

  11. As busy as you you are, you still found some time to send out something to us! What a great list! THat would've taken me DAYS to think up and THEN I would promptly forget to post it! :)


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