“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


between now & not quite yet

Feathers below the sky, outflying the oncoming storm,
confused by the the strange winds & scents from the sea.

I found this little guy on the front sidewalk this past weekend - too late to help;
he was gone to a new, always blue sky.
I like to think he came in with the other evacuees,
perhaps hitched a ride - stowed away on the bus to catch his breath.
A little lost Cajun baby in from Louisiana.
He didn't look hurt, so I imagined a whirlwind escape for him,
escaping from the hurricane all the way to Texas to end up at my doorstep.
I've given him a heaven bordered with with leaf-like hearts - he can fly through the gate.

The title comes from something Robin said to me.
no wind anymore, no wings to fly


  1. aaah, poor little bird, at least he knew to come to a good place for his last resting place.

  2. THe above post is right, he landed on the right doorstep.

  3. Eilandkind & Michelle - thank you. This summer continues to sadden and seems to be filled with promises of death or death itself. I see omens everywhere. This little bird, sad as it was, helped me - I read in to his arrival messages he may have been bringing. Perhaps not, but I am finding solace where I can.

  4. This makes my heart hurt. Poor little guy.

    But what makes my heart sing is YOU....As I noticed your little fence in this picture, I got this wonderful little burst of inspiration to go out tomorrow with the sole purpose of photographing nothing but fences. I will share with you what I find! I wonder how long it will take before I get sidelined by some beautiful flower? Oh well...no rules...but definitely some fences!

    Thank you, lovely you. :):)

  5. i had clicked on your art here and saw that row of hearts before i read the post. it is sweet! like a string of crumbs leading the way to bird heaven!

    i will be excited to see fences by jamie! that it..if she doesn't get sidetracked ;)

    the death of a bird makes me sad but your philosophical view bird heaven made me smile and be hopeful for him to find his way to blue.

  6. Jaime - Oh, my heart just broke when I saw this little thing. Weirdly (or maybe not) he was right next to the little "pavement bird" I posted about the other day.

    I also want to say that the idea of you looking for fences & finding flowers made me feel good.
    How did it go?

    Robin - You are GOOD. A string of crumbs leading to heaven. What a great thought - it never occurred to me and I LOVE that you saw that in there. LOVE it! I'm sure the little bird is up there - way way up there where we can't see him - flying around & finding crumbs the angels have dropped.

    :) Debi

  7. That title! That art! Oh my. I'm in heaven right along with that poor little bird.

  8. Relyn- Thank you! I'm thinking that little bird is keeping an eye & an ear close to me - a little muse who's here today, then gone, then back again.



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