“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



I found this over at 1 Door Away from Heaven Part II.
To help shake off this past weekend's apprehensions, I'm playing. Here goes.
And PS before I start - does this not seem quite egotistical of me?
I mean, really!! I am shaking my head even as I type.

The Month That Was:

a photo of me:

This looks so lonely. Me in an otherwise empty motel room. It looks like waiting.
current candles scents: Well, usually unscented white, cause I'm allergic to so much stuff, but I've got some lime candles that were very expensive that I'm pretty crazy about.

what i am currently reading: Life is a Verb & The Jane Austen Book Club

newest music i added to my playlist: I don't have a playlist, but I've been listening to some opera cds that were given to me by Mr. J.Y. - actually I've only been listening to one of them, and in truth, I've been replaying the same overture over & over for several days. All I know is that it's by Wagner.

movies i saw: Once & lots of old ones on TNT

something yummy i made this month: Boy, I don't cook. This is hard. Ummmm, well, really, this is hard. Let me think. I'll have to get back to you.

the last place i ate out: Los Gueros. Does that count? Eating out, as in date-like eating out, or fancy eating out, is not a big thing for me. You'd think I'd be thinner, considering cooking is not a big thing with me either.

something that made me cry: Oh, what didn't? Let's see. Mary's failing health made me cry, losing my floatie made me cry, my cat's failing health made me cry. I was an emotional wreck in August. I knew I was a mess when I caught the last 10 minutes of an old Jag episode one morning over breakfast. It was a Christmas episode, with snowflakes & a nativity scene & all was well & I just started to cry.

something that made me laugh: My reaction to that Jag episode.

something i looked forward to this month: Less work.

something i’m thankful for: The fact that even at $3.49 a gallon, I'm still able to fill up the tank in my Jeep whenever I want.

something i want to remember about this month: That I got through it, emotional mess that I was.

a photo i took this month:

This one was just for me - a bit of retouching & hue desaturation & Photoshop stuff. Out at the lake.

So there you have it. My navel and all.


  1. Great post!!! The photo, so artistic. Not lonely. Just got up from the chair :)

    I cry at tv too. All the time. I guess I'm in touch with my crying gene.

    Glad you can afford gas. . .that is something to celebrate these days.

  2. i missed so much of you while i was away. i didn't even know i missed your navel until i saw it here on the internet....

    and i didn't know you listened to the same music over and over...do you do that often? i not only listen to the same song like a person who is a broken record but also listen to the same books ...the Harry Potter series keeps me company whenever i enter my car. i can quote entire passages and conversations between Snape and Harry using the different voices.

    are you a Harry Potter fan debi? is Emma a Harry Potter fan?

    did you not even make a piece of cinnamon toast?

    i like the fact that so many things make you cry. all the things you listed were things that would affect a tender heart. except i don't know who Jag is. maybe he doesn't warrant tears.

    i really missed your blog :)

  3. I think that the photo of you is great :-) Very artistic. I have heard good things about 'Once', I really should watch it. I also want to watch the film The Jane Austen Book Club.

    Sounds like you've had a purge of emotions this past month... always good to cleanse the soul :-)

  4. Also this month you made my month with the last comment you left me. It made me smile and glow :)

  5. Gillian - I can't really afford the gas, but I'd rather expensive gas than none at all. :)

    Robin - Well, yes, I DID make some cinnamon toast. I didn't even think about that. Does that count as yummy?

    And yes, yes, yes, I'm a big Harry Potter fan, as is Emma. When she bagn to read the books, she'd call me & we'd discuss them. When I finished the last book before she did, I teased her mercilessly about the possible endings. She cheated & read the end before she was even halfway through it!

    Carol - I think you'll like "Once". When it showed up as my Netflix pick, I'd forgotten I'd put it in my queue & I thought "oh, I don't want to see this", but I was SO WRONG. I loved it. When I added its link to my post, I watched the trailer & now I want to see the movie again.

    And H - Well, I love your blog. And your place in the real world. I'm glad I could make you smile. I meant every word!

    :) Debi

  6. Ah, we women cry....it's what makes us so lovely. Really. Sensitive and beautiful.
    And I don't cook either...which sometimes makes me cry. Especially if I have to cook for other people!

    Loved this sweet little meme...and your beautiful navel too!

    Oh! And the trees! You always find the loveliest trees!

    love u

  7. Jaime - you should see the dishes I come up with if I'm expected to bring food. I don't own a stove, so it limits me, which is actually a good thing. LOL! But I do own other things - a microwave, hotplates, electric skillet, wok, blender, steamer, etc. I can ALWAYS be depended on to bring deviled eggs! LOL!

    :) Debi

  8. Using this as a test, deliberately misspelling THIS word, to see if I can edit after previewing. Was unable to do this earlier. OKAY!!


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