“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


With the rain comes art

The rain has eased up & with it I have an announcement. Prints of my paintings & some photographs will soon (very soon; maybe the middle of next week) be available in my currently empty Etsy shop (I should be ashamed). Proofs of the first two prints were received today & they are fabulous, if I do say so myself. I will probably also start selling my originals via Etsy, although figuring out the shipping is very confusing if you use UPS (and I do) & you have items of different sizes & weights - UPS has about a jillion different fees depending on where an item is being shipped to. I still must make a decision about that. Prints are easier to figure since they all weigh the same. I am very excited and I want to thank Mermaid for spurring me into action, and Cookie for all her answers to my inane questions. !!!!!


  1. Looks like you and me both with the etsy shop (poor ABANDONED Etsy shops) Any tips? I think for shippong, look at what others (the sucessful ones) are doing and try to figure it out from there.
    Please feel free to pass along any tricks and tips...

  2. Michelle - I gotta tell you. After posting this with SUCH HAPPINESS & EXCITEMENT, I headed on over to Etsy to add a print & it's just crazy-making! A 1 lb print (minimum for UPS) has a shipping rate of anywhere from $4.20 to $20.67 within the US. Etsy only allows you to post one price - I think posting $20.67 (Alaska or Hawaii - I can't remember which - would no doubt just turn people off. It's very frustrating. I guess I'll have to use the Post Office, but I already have a UPS acct. with daily pickup & the ability to track packages, so I'm just a tad annoyed. Everyone on Etsy seems to use the Post office - I'm beginning to suspect a conspiracy. :)

    If YOU figure anything out, please let me know. I think we both need to bombard the all-knowing, all-powerful Cookie with more quesions. Poor Cookie. She'll have to charge us.

    I did leave a message at Etsy re: this annoyance, so we'll see what they have to say. I'm thinking not too much.


  3. First...what a lovely photograph! Second...yes the etsy shipping situation is a challenge. I haven't sold that much, but I've just kind of figured out how much it would be to ship my art to the farthest point...for me, I took Florida...and then just knocked a little off. It's not scientific, but...:)

    I can't wait to see your shop when you've got it ready.

  4. You are welcome, Debi, though you must know how much depth these pieces have.

  5. Celeste - Thanks for that advice. It truly helps.

    Mermaid - Thank YOU! The first prints were so beautiful I was amazed. Now I'm thinking t-shirts . . . :)

    Carol - I, too, really like this shot. I'd just backed out of the driveway & stopped for a second to just take the picture through the windshield. I think the runny water adds to the feel. Muchas gracias!

    :) Debi

  6. well as annoying as all these details regarding shipping are i am completely delighted for you! i am so glad you are taking another step towards acknowledging your work publicly. and that photo..i looked at it and thought; "i love the dreamy quality." dreamy in a gritty kind of way. did you take that while maggie was in the car? it has that safe in the inside roaring dangerous on the outside quality about it.

    keep us up to the minute on your new etsy shop!!! bravo!

    p.s. that is an odd/synchronistic/happy thought that you had been at your own market this summer talking to Linda Marcov. i also think it is because we are connected that those things can happen..... don't feel like a coward my dear. i was there with that "i've got a press badge" kind of look about me because i had the sanction of the barn house boys to take my photos. when i am at these public events people frequently ask me if i am taking pictures for the newspaper. i look at them very straight-faced and tell them "yes, my name is Lois Lane" and offer a hand shake..

  7. Robin - I love the Lois Lane line. You are fearless. And it IS just so very ODD that I'd spoken to Linda earlier this year, and picked up the announcement about that show. It's a small blog world, I do believe.

    Re this photo - I'd just tucked Maggie safely back into the house when i took this, but that's the way it was when she WAS in the car.

    :) Debi

  8. Yahooooo!!!!!! An Etsy shop!
    Now one of your beautiful pieces of art just might be within my reach.
    Please let me know when you are ready for customers!

  9. Jaime - I will! It's really involved. Or maybe I'm just lazy right now. I finally decided that I'll probably have to ship the prints by postal service, and just keep my fingers crossed. I downloaded a postal rate chart today (32 pages!!!!!) & will start trying to figure things out!

    :) Debi


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