“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Shimmy, shirr & swoop

I am in such a bad mood.
I'm just having one of those days weeks months.
The photo above is one I like just because it looks painterly.
No deep meaning or anything.
It has nothing to do with bad moods.
I just like the flowers on the post on the street.
In fact, the whole block has flowers attached to the handrails
every few feet on both sides of the street.
I have other photos of them I also like, but I really like the simplicity of this.

Maybe I should talk about simplicity, I think, as I type that word.
Maybe then this photo will tie in with the words.
But what can I say? I think. That I wish things were simpler?
How trite, how dull, how boring. How expected.
Then should I say things should be less simple? How crazy that sounds.
So I won't talk about simplicity, I think. I'll just leave it alone.
But maybe first I'll look it up in the dictionary - see what it really means.

And in doing so, I run across these words:

shimmy - a jazz dance (if you type jaazzzzz, you can see the shimmy),
shirr- to gather cloth by parallel rows of small stitches (shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirr),
shook - past tense of shake (shoookk,ookk,ok,ookk,ok,ookk,oookkkk)
shush - keep quiet (shhhhhhhhhhhhh),
smooth - to make calm (smooooooooth)
sniffel - to whimper (snifffifffle)
swoop - to drop or descend suddenly (SWOOp!).

Now I'm feeling better.

What words do you run across?


  1. Too funny...the first thought that came to mind when I first saw this picture was how beautiful it was in its simplicity. I'm always drawn to images that convey this. But it is hard to blog about isn't it?

    What wonderful S words! You know how I love words. :)
    If shook is the past tense of shake, then why isn't book the past tense of bake?

  2. i have but one word at the moment--panic. whose idea was this remodeling project anyway?

  3. Have a look at this it turned my bad mood into a hopeful one :)

    A site about a film about female artists.

  4. there is something about this photo that i love, a touch of... zen, maybe?

  5. I too love the photo... :-)

  6. I love the photo, too, but even more right now I love that word shimmy (!) because it made me instantly picture Josephine Baker and her beautiful smile and shimmying her way into the hearts of people.

    It's not very zen, though, I admit that.

    I hope your mood improves and if you need some help, that is what good chocolate and some Hoagy Carmichael songs are for.

  7. that sure is a fun little post. I enjoyed what you did with the words. I sometimes crave 'more simple'. It is not really part of me though. You are the 3rd blog I have read today where the post is about not feeling too good, you are not alone.

  8. What if the bad mood is flowers in disguise?

  9. Love all your pictures! How is Mary doing? I have read "The Power of Now" and am now reading "A New Earth", should really check them out. Everything is becoming a bit clearer now....
    Sending love your way....

  10. So many kind people - thank you all so much!

    I spent yesterday at the lake, and have come back to find all these wonderful responses. Where to begin?

    1st, Mermaid - You always make me look at things from behind, in a different way. You may be right - the bad mood became a day off for me, under the sun.

    Christy - Thanks for asking about Mary. She's actually a bit worse & I'm sure that's been part of my bad mood. I will check out the books you recommended, and PS - you know what will be coming your way next week! :)

    Jaime - How funny you are. And cook & cake! Took IS the past tense of take, so I can't throw that example in. How odd the English language is.

    Julie - I am constantly amazed at your project & understand the panic. Did I see 6 meters of books today? With more to go? And that's just your BOOKS!

    Hele - I checked out the link you sent & it was wonderful & also made ME feel hopeful. I've got to check it out in depth. Thank you.

    Polona & Carol - Thank you both. A touch of Zen maybe. Unintentionally, if so. Which would make it VERY Zen, I think. :)

    Tango - Any response that talks about both Josephine Baker (I saw a terrific clip of her on arts tv the other night) & Hoagy Carmichael & chocolate cannot help but make me smile. And the word shimmy. Isn't there some kind of cake or dessert or something with a similar name? Anyway, just a great word.

    Tammie - That actually makes me feel better. Maybe it's the way the planets are lined up - not just me. :)

    Thank you ALL!!!!
    I feel more like a human being today!

    Love, Debi

  11. Thanks for making me smile this morning! I've been feeling a bit 'funky' lately...and definately needed a little something.


  12. Celeste - I hope your "funk" is better! :)



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