“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Bird, lake, happiness, aggravation

I swear that all I did to this image was beef up the contrast & the sky went this color.
I know it looks like I picked it out especially or color corrected it this way on purpose,
but truly, Photoshop has just apparently grown to know what I like.

I spent yesterday at the lake,
and it started out just the way you'd expect a day to start out when you're in a bad mood -
my floatie immediately floated away away away from me,
leaving me with no way to lounge about on the water.
I tearily called the truly truly truly ever-wonderful Michael
& he pointed me in the direction of a floatie I could borrow,
which I did & upon which I floated & cried
until he arrived to also borrow a floatie
& we paddled our 2 matching borrowed floaties over to my runaway
& hooking it between us, drifted back to shore.
This was after he discovered that the battery to the barge was not working
& while we were paddling & drifting & saving errant floaties,
the battery charger performed its piece of magic & once back on shore,
we loaded our stuff onto the boat & were off.

And so then the day became all quite wonderful,
although really the paddling & drifting & saving lost things part
was pretty wonderful also.
The lake was free of people -
apparently the Wednesday after school has started is the day to go -
and it wasn't too hot, only low to mid 90s,
with a breeze here & there, although usually there,
and clouds poofing overhead.
We stopped in the middle of the lake & got off to float around
& while the top of the water was nice & kind of warm,
about a foot or so below the surface, it was nice & cool.
There were lots of fish jumping - if we'd been in the right mood,
any spot on the lake looked like a good fishing spot.
We watched cranes & ducks & herons & the jumping fish
& I took pictures & realized I really need a longer lens
because the ducks look like they're off in another county,
so I'm putting a lens on my Santa list.

The image above is a buzzard -
one of many many who were sitting around on tree stumps
& limbs on one of the islands.
Michael spotted this one with his wings open,
which he (the buzzard) obligingly kept open for me.
I know, I know - it's a buzzard,
but if I hadn't told you, you'd probably think it was an eagle or something,
so let's just pretend I didn't tell you.
Thinking it's an eagle or hawk makes the picture so much more enjoyable.


  1. This photo has a very gothic feel to it... it's very atmospheric!

  2. Heeee...heee...I actually did think it was an eagle or something a little more regal than a buzzard...but I'll pretend, if you will.

    I'm glad you ended up having a good time.:)


  3. not knowing mych about birds, I did think it was an eagle.
    Burst my bubble!

  4. you know, the european buzzard is a hawk and i can pretend it's him that i see ;)

  5. Thanks to all. It reminded of the statue in Rio of Christ the Redeemer. That sounds weird. :) It was just the height & the outstretched "arms".

    Thanks again!

  6. when we were on orcas island last time I stood enthralled by a flock of "eagles" flying around and grabbed my camera to take pictures. My husband came up behind and said, "you do realize those are buzzards, don't you?" oops. i didn't!

    But eagle or buzzard, still a cool sight! :)

  7. Awesome photo! :) I love the one in the last post as well, it does look painterly.

  8. Bridgette - That is so funny! But you're right, it IS still a cool sight! :)


  9. Valaine - thank you on both accounts. It's much appreciated.

    :) Debi

  10. I know I shouldn't laugh about the floatie but the way you described it was so charming that I couldn't help myself. Or maybe it's just the word...floatie...that makes me chuckle.

    Either way, I know how it is to have a camera you love but still it is not enough. I have lens envy, too.

    I hope Santa is very good to you this year and perhaps does not make you wait too long for your lens.

  11. ps. Living in the city means that most birds I end up taking photos of are pigeons, so I'm excited to hear about all of the options you have!

  12. Tango - I am so in love with the word floatie that I wanted to use it even more than I did. I had to practice restraint. :)

  13. Photoshop can be very intuitive, can't it?
    I love how you talk about these outings on the lake. As much as I am in love with the ocean, the child in me is deeply connected to the lake where I grew up. You make me long for it.


  14. I REALLY thought it was an eagle!!! Even after telling me it's a buzzard, I still see it as an eagle! No need for me to pretend...it's my reality! : )


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