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Honking for peace, internet service & kids

I feel like I've been away for YEARS on some deserted island (and not in a good cool-treehouse-&-all-the-fruit-&-nuts-&-fresh-fish-&-sunshine-all-the-time-&-my-legs-never-need-to-be-shaved kind of way). All we did was change our DSL to a different line, an already existing line, an already existing number, an already existing number we use all the time, right here in this very building. No problem, they said, just pull the thingy out of that box at the wall that goes to the number you're no longer gonna use & plug it into the correct box. Oh yeah, and they just so blithely forget to tell you that then you have to go through a 4 hour phone session to register the new connection & if you mistype one of the #s they're rattling at you over the phone, you have to start all over again. Never mind, we said, we'll start all over again tomorrow. Cool, they said - we'll call you at 9:30. A.M. They called at 2. To leave a voice mail telling us their registration service was down & they'd call later. They called at 4 & it only took poor Michael 30 minutes this session to get everything going

And we had both kids both days. They're great kids, but they're 4 & 8 & we were busy & they were prepared to play internet games using the laptop computer, and it just wasn't happening. BUT . . . they both got to leave their handprints in paint on my canvas which they thought was fun, and because Goodwill is within walking distance, I took them toy shopping (a whole buggy full of goodies for only 9 bucks - hard to beat!). At lunch, we went to a local buffet place, and as soon as we got settled, 4 busloads of people from a church camp showed up. 4 busloads! I told the kids to get their plates filled now! When we left there were still 100 people in line outside the doors, standing in the heat.

Today we almost had a wreck as we passed the local every-Friday-as-long-as-it-isn't-rainy-or-cold "Honk for Peace" group outside the courthouse. Michael was driving on the inside lane, and because we see this group every week (as long as it isn't rainy or cold), he wasn't even paying them any mind. But the woman next to us was, and she honked. For peace. Poor Michael thought she was honking at him for some reason & he tried to get out of her way, but that meant steering into a lane already filled with cars, who immediately began to really honk at us - not for peace - so he had to get back where we'd been, but he didn't know why the woman had honked - remember? for peace? - & had to determine first if it was safe to do so. A little scary. I don't think anyone needs to be honking for any reason other than as a warning. Peace, war, love, Jesus, I don't care. It's dangerous. Don't do it.

And now I will start catching up on emails, comments & all the wonderful blogs I've missed for these couple of days. I really do need Robin's 12-step blog addiction program.


  1. good for you debi! you have taken the first step...admitted you are powerless over blogging. and you had a god given (or cable given but who cares) opportunity to test yourself for compulsions during a period of complete abstinence. sounds like you preferred the desert island scenario to that of being an angel guardian to a 4 and 8 year old who don't have the modern necessities. Computers, computer games and full access and complete control over said modern necessities.

    yikes! i noted and suffered from your absence too. does that mean i am co-dependent ya think?

    but is that Pepto-Bismal or not?

  2. oh but in my rush to address your diagnosis i forgot to mention the near wreck y'all had today. i agree...no honking for peace!

  3. Robin - I'll take the desert island any day. And yes indeedy, that is Pepto Bismol. The Breakfast of Champions. :)

    Also - the honking thing! A couple of people want me to write the newspaper & have "something done", but I KNOW it will turn into a big political brouhaha. I have no problem at all with protesting or lauding whatever, but the honking part is dangerous.

    Oh well. They need to do something else for peace. Give blood for peace. Something more substantive - less symbolic. And THAT'S as political as I'll get here! LOL!

    :) Debi

  4. i was without internet for a whole week when we switched. it's a nightmare and i totally had the shakes by the end. :-) i had to go over to a friend's house for a fix of her wireless. twice.

  5. I was wondering where you've been.

    Welcome home.


  6. I agree...horns were built for a purpose, and last time I checked it wasn't for peace.
    Would honking actually make the world a better place if we all honked for peace? What's the point really? Personally, I think that much honking could make things very unpeaceful.

    I love the way you wrote this post. Even through all of your frustrations, you are still humorous about it all.


  7. Julie - It felt so weird. I had to laugh at how addicted I've become.

    Cookie - Thank you. :)

    Jaime - In defensive driving courses, they teach you to NOT honk unless necessary. I don't know why it's allowed for political reasons. God forbid someone SHOULD be honking for a safety reason. And really, you just have to laugh at this stuff. After it's over, it really sinks in that it's not all that important. Things are okay - laugh about it.

    Love, Debi


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