“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Smiley face

I was driving off a lot of thoughts this past weekend - driving & thinking, with no music, no radio, no noise but the Jeep & my breathing & the whoosh of passing cars, watching the road, watching the trees, watching myself drive east when I usually drive west or north or south. Driving with no particular destination, just needing to move, to not be at home or at work or with anyone else, just needing to continue in a particular direction & see what was there. I found myself in a sweet little town full of antique shops closed on Sunday, working oil rigs, baskets of white flowers hanging from street & stair railings. Finding my way out, I found this painted on the back wall of a shop. And I found myself smiling. The drive back home wasn't nearly as introspective as the drive out. I even stopped and bought a Dr Pepper.

I'm smiling today because the wonderful Miz Cookie over at Cookie Sunshine has bestowed upon me this award:

You all know how this works. I get to pick 7 blogs I really love, which is tough, because there's so many wonderful blogs out there. I then need to let those people know they've received yet another award! If those people so choose, they can put the award on their blog, then choose 7 more people to send it on to. They have to link back to me & link to all those they've picked. So, in no particular order, I send this award on to Paula, Jaime, Robin, Celeste, Michelle, Julie & Sarah.

Have fun all and THANK YOU Cookie!


  1. thank you dear heart. i love that you heart my blog. i feel the same about yours and many of those you mention here.

    and the cat on a window sill off the road east is a purrfect roadside rest stop :)

  2. I just love going for drives like that, or window shopping in a new area of town, or a walk around a new place in nature...just to be...to think..to be quiet...to see something new. I make these little escapes quite often. It's good for the soul...

    And so is this sweet little award. Thank you so much! This made me smile today.
    Love to you.

  3. the painted cat was a great find and surely worth the drive... it made me smile too

  4. Polona - It makes me laugh when I open my blog because it's kind of a mirror image of Lily the cat - on my header.

    :) Debi

  5. thank you, debi! you made my day. i'm going to have to start passing these on, i've been a bit remiss in not doing so! but it is much appreciated and i feel very much the same about yours!

  6. Dear Debi,

    Thank you for playing and thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I just love visiting you everyday and reading about life in Tyler. Did I ever tell you I used to live in Dallas?

    The photo you shared with us today is wonderful. She (I have decided that she is a she) reminds me of our cat Chevy, who is wonderful and fun and would be likely to jump up on a window sill and lay down in just that sort of sweet, wonderful, way that only a kitty cat can.

    I love you bunches.

  7. Robin, Jaime, Julie & Cookie - thank you all so much. It's nice to know ya'll are out there, peeking in & offering support & compliments & goodies of all kind.

    Again, muchas gracias!

    :) Debi

  8. Oh Debi...thank you so much!! :):) I love visiting you here...and right now I am just delighting in catching up on all your wonderful recent posts...



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