“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A hand on the doorknob

I am just crazy crazy about this door, and it seems fitting today. You know, all that stuff about doors opening, etc? I wrote about it a while back - that the doors were there but I was afraid to open them? Well, not if they're this fairy-tale like. I can see all kinds of handprints around the doorknob - that must surely mean it's a good door, that many people have opened it. And opened it again. Return business.

I have taken one scary baby step & my Etsy shop is now open. I've only added a few items, and I stayed up quite late doing so, agonizing over every decision, but the hard part is over - that starting part. I will now probably become quite a little Etsy piglet - shoveling everything I can into my little shop. I kind of hope so.

And I have another door to talk about. A while back, Fran over at Sacred Ordinary put out a call for animal stories, wanting to hear about the relationships we have with them, what they mean to us. Today she has published my story about Bob. I love her site - her vision of the sacred in the ordinary. If you have a story you'd like to share with her, please let her know.

And PS - I've just, for the 1000th time, typed scared when meaning to type sacred. I think the Universe is trying to tell me something.

UPDATE 8.22.08 3 pm - I'm so smiling! I've been featured in Yazzie's Etsy Treasury! I'm actually not really sure what that means (I promise to find out), but it seems to be a very good thing! Thank you to Yazzie!


  1. My goodness, that photo IS magical! I don't know what it is about photos of doors (and windows) that is so magnetic and inspiring. I look for them, too.

    Congratulations on your etsy shop! I will be over there shortly to see what you have. That's very exciting and I hope it does well! I will be following in your footsteps soon (and can relate to the late nights).

    And I will be sure to check out your story about Bob. Okay, I'm off to etsy.

  2. Love the anagram. It is surely a sign.

  3. I forgot if you ever sell your prints at the etsy shop as cards for all occasions?

  4. gosh, is this for real? i adore that gate!

    and omg, i read 'sacred' as 'scared' first...

  5. Mermaid - you truly have ESP. I went home last night thinking I needed to have cards printed of some of my stuff. A friend of mine suggested it many moons ago. I am now investigating all that that entails. Thanks for keeping me on my toes & moving forward!

    Polona - Very real. It even has matching windows on both sides!

    Tango - Muchas gracias! Please let me know when you're up & running.

    And to all re: the scared/sacred.
    Very revealing, huh?

    :) Debi

  6. ah, I am so happy for you
    1) the door is pure magic
    2) congrats on the etsy shop, may you sell and sell. Plus your art is amazing!
    3) Congrats on someone featuring your story!
    4)I hear the treasury is a brief spot of fame that can last up to 3 days. Folks may find you easier. I am in two right now. wow!

  7. Congrats, Girl! Your worth it!

    Show us the issue later. Interesting.
    For that, I would give you the "Blogging Friendship Forever Award".

    Go & pick it in my site on the left corner. It's a BFF Gold Card! Honestly, you're the first one who get this.

    ENjoy the w/end,

  8. congrats on your etsy shop! Good luck! and yes being featured in someone's treasury is a good thing. :)

  9. Bridgette - Thank you!

    Chie - Thank you also. And thank you for the award. Unfortunately, I am unable get it from your site, but that's okay because I have it in my heart! And the thought really counts the most!

    :) Debi

  10. Congratulations on your Etsy Shop..and being featured, more congratulations to be given I think :-)

    It's lovely to be recognised for our art and work!

  11. love, love, love the door! i go around the world taking pictures of doors, but never really thought about why. hmm... must check out your etsy shop! and perhaps get brave enough to put something in mine! ;-)

  12. Carol - It IS so nice to have our work liked. Thank you for the thumbs up.

    And Julie - I notice you've already added me to your list of favorites on Etsy - I am going to add YOU even though your shop is temporarily empty. I KNOW you will start to fill it eventually. (It took me 6 months!)

    :) Debi

  13. your etsy prints are absolutely gorgeous ... i lost myself in them for quite a while ~ so glad you took this step and opened the door :)

    also thank you for your kind words on my recent post and for allowing me to find you here :)

  14. DJK? Or is is Daisy? Your photos were beautiful - you are more than welcome.

    And thank YOU for the kind words also. It's scary, but my toes are in the water. No going back.

    :) Debi

  15. Oh Debi, you have a such an eye for finding the best doors and fences.

    And so many new doors are opening for you! I'm so looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop as soon as I have caught up on all the blog posts I missed while I was away.

    I'm so smiling for you!

  16. Jaime - You are too kind. They are just out there & I just see them.

    :) I am catching your smiles!

    Love, Debi


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